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ICA Compression/Acceleration


What do most of you do with ICA traffic when you have deployed out the WXC Technologies for your WAN sites?  We are turning into a big ICA shop, and one of the things I"m noticing is that ICA traffic is extremely low on Compression (I"m assuming because it does it on its own inherently).  Is this something that most exclude from everything and leave in pass-thru?  Problem is that this is also very critical to us and need it QoS'd for high pri as well.  The reason I ask all this is we are seeing a bit of degradation to the performance of ICA from our WAN sites and want to know if the compression/acceleration overhead is adding to the issue.  Our lowest speed link is full T1 and the site I"m actively working on the issue the most at is on a 3MB carrier ethernet service.  Thanks for you input!

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Re: ICA Compression/Acceleration

 the major issue with optimizing ICA is three fold.
  • ICA/RDP is typically compressed
  • ICA/RDP is typically Encrypted
  • The protocol never fills a TCP Window
So, we can go so far to disable compression and encryption on the client, more so in RDP not sure if disable a encryption is available in ICA clients. Actually in RDP you can disable the client encryption only server to client which is OK as this is 90% of the data flow, the client to server is always encrypted to ensure UserID/Password are always encrypted.
 So first verify if the traffic is encrypted or not. If not it would not be difficult for WX to identify the flow.
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