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ToS Setting for WAN Performance probes and Bandwidth Detection

I run WXC's in a QoS enabled network and now thinking about control traffic etc ..


For tunnel control you can set Tos by CLI command "configure reduction set tos-bit <0-255>"


Does this affect Bandwith Detection?, I run several traffic classes in the WAN so the tunnel must keep track of which traffic class that has a certain available bandwith in the same tunnel.


Does this affect the WAN Performance probes?

WAN performance should be splitted into the number of traffic classes I run I guess this is not done today but then the stats dont tell you so much.

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Re: ToS Setting for WAN Performance probes and Bandwidth Detection



Setting a ToS value for control traffic does not effect the BD process between WXC devices. You are just setting a ToS on the 'internal operational' traffic we use between devices to peform healtch check/tunnesl status/etc. This command tags the port 3577/3578 traffic.


The WAN perf probes run outside of the tunnel, so they are not done per traffic class as you wish for - sorry.

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