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WXC-2600 not accessable via ssh or https because of bypass mode active for unknown reason

Hello, I tried to set up a new WXC-2600 as a WXC-500 replacement and loaded to the config on the new device. To test the device before taken it into production, I set up an isolated test-switch-environment. Device is connected ( LOCAL and REMOTE ) to this test-switch, access via console shows correct config and device is ping-able from a pc also connected to this switch ( same ip-subnet ) , but the WXC is not accessable via ssh nor https because bypass mode is active. I'm wondering, what causes the bypass mode Thanks for any help for me to understand
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Re: WXC-2600 not accessable via ssh or https because of bypass mode active for unknown reason



From the console of the WX, can you run this command. Is there a connection established from the src ip you are trying to connect from?


WXC- she oyo inetstatShow
Active Internet connections (including servers)
PCB      Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address      Foreign Address    (state)
-------- ----- ------ ------  ------------------ ------------------ -------
3f44d384 TCP        0      0          ESTABLISHED
3f44ccd0 TCP        0      0          ESTABLISHED
3f44d300 TCP        0      0         ESTABLISHED
3f44d27c TCP        0      0         ESTABLISHED
3f44cac0 TCP        0      0             LISTEN
3f44c8b0 TCP        0      0              LISTEN
3f44c82c TCP        0      0               LISTEN
3f44c598 TCP        0      0             LISTEN
3f44cb44 UDP        0      0            
3f44c9b8 UDP        0      0               
3f44c934 UDP        0      0             
3f44c514 UDP        0      0            
3f44c490 UDP        0      0               
3f44c40c UDP        0      0               
3f44c388 UDP        0      0            
3f44c304 UDP        0      0             
3f44c280 UDP        0      0            
3f44c1fc UDP        0      0            
3f44c178 UDP        0      0            
Value = 1 = 0x1

Thomas MacLean