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WXC configuration error

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I am trying to configure a WXC device but got the following error message:


2009-11-18 12:41:11 0F999DA4 E01 SendConfigCmd: Cmd=4 failed for module 'QoS': pstatus=1037
2009-11-18 12:41:11 0A61589C E01 Module 'QoS' failed to process command VALIDATE.


Unfortunatelly, I cannot find how to interpret it correctly, it looks to me that this is just a generic error message (it says the problem lies in the QoS part of the configuration.. but that is about 100 lines long).


Can anyone tell me how to use this message to pinpoint the problem?




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Re: WXC configuration error



Can you tell us what you were trying to configure exactly?

And show us the CLI commands you passed to the box?




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Re: WXC configuration error

Hi Laurent,

This error message is very generic and from the log it seems there a wrong command entered through CLI while configuring QoS. The error code "E01" is related to CLI module.




Srinivas Kisara