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Network Convergence with Junos® Node Slicing

by Juniper Employee ‎06-20-2017 04:43 AM - edited ‎06-23-2017 11:25 AM

Juniper recently introduced the concept of cloud-grade networking—a holistic end-to-end network architecture that combines the operational principles of the cloud with intelligent IP attributes. This innovative approach extends across network domains, enabling service providers, mobile operators, cloud providers, and cable operators to improve the user experience and rapidly introduce innovative new industry- or vertical-specific services.


One of the key underlying technology enablers for cloud-grade networking is Junos® OS, a pioneering operating system that powers Juniper’s broad portfolio of physical and virtual routing, security, and switching products. Today, we are pleased to announce a new addition to the Junos product family: Junos Node Slicing, an innovative approach to network convergence and optimization.



The Self-Driving Network™: What will we do with the “Leisure Dividend”?

by Juniper Employee ‎03-14-2017 05:41 AM - edited ‎03-15-2017 06:45 AM


This is part IV in our multi-part blog series on the Self-Driving Network™. Find part III here. And learn much more about the Self-Driving Network from the just released part 2 of our vision paper, The Self-Driving Network: Appetite for Disruption


Here is a great blog by my intern Animesh Kumar. He worked for my over the summer and created a great tool Ptolemy: The Network Cartographer. For me it was an amazing experience and I am so happy to have had Animesh working for me this summer.


By Animesh Kumar: 


During my initial years of work in IT industry I used to work on Automation of test suites for the tools I had developed or the APIs I had written. My notion about Automation at that time was to make everything in a program or tool run automatically without any manual effort. One click of a button and it should run all the scenarios by itself, covering all the possible test cases and corner cases. For doing this, I used to think of all the possible test cases, negative or positive and automate the testing for it. But every time a new bug came in and my test suite failed catching it, used to frustrate me a lot that even after putting in so much effort, I was unable to automate the testing.


In Search of Automation

by Trusted Contributor on ‎08-10-2015 03:55 PM

I often get asked, “Where does the automation come from?” This makes me think of a great safari trip where only the keenest hunters could go and find the automation. It could be in a tree or perhaps over behind that rock. Sometimes people even ask me for automation that makes the automation for you. Then my mind shifts to a hospital and walking past the nursery filled with all sorts of newborn automations with the proud automation parents. While both would be great automation fan fiction the truth is much more mundane, automation comes from the need to solve a workflow in an automated methodology or process.


Automation - Franchise Your Network

by Juniper Employee ‎03-24-2015 09:52 AM - edited ‎05-13-2015 01:55 PM

2015 started off career wise with me adding automation to my "title", becoming Virtualization and Automation Architect. My first job in my new role meant traveling to Hong Kong to meet with a customer and discuss automation capabilities with Juniper's products.  One of the things I noticed was that although I was half way around the world, some of the same things that reminded me of home were there like Starbucks, McDonalds, and KFC. I realized that the concept of franchising into other states and countries allows me to get the same things no matter where I go.


Growing the team and adding Continuous Integration


The Foundation for Frictionless IT Automation

by ‎05-02-2013 11:53 AM - edited ‎05-13-2013 07:13 AM

 What does it take to Build the Best IT automation solution?  It takes Junos.


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