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Here is a great blog by my intern Animesh Kumar. He worked for my over the summer and created a great tool Ptolemy: The Network Cartographer. For me it was an amazing experience and I am so happy to have had Animesh working for me this summer.


By Animesh Kumar: 


During my initial years of work in IT industry I used to work on Automation of test suites for the tools I had developed or the APIs I had written. My notion about Automation at that time was to make everything in a program or tool run automatically without any manual effort. One click of a button and it should run all the scenarios by itself, covering all the possible test cases and corner cases. For doing this, I used to think of all the possible test cases, negative or positive and automate the testing for it. But every time a new bug came in and my test suite failed catching it, used to frustrate me a lot that even after putting in so much effort, I was unable to automate the testing.


Growing the team and adding Continuous Integration


Junos NETCONF and SSH tunneling (Part 1)

by ‎11-01-2013 01:59 PM - edited ‎11-04-2013 11:24 AM

corpnet.jpgAutomating networking infrastructure is gaining momentum and folks are asking really great questions.  One was: How can we automate Junos/NETCONF for devices that sit behind a firewall or "junp-host"?  NETCONF uses an SSH subchannel (like scp) to exchange Remote Procedure Calls (RPC).  They wanted to see both the server-side ssh config and some Python sample code.  Check it out!


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