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  • Nine WAN SDN Use Cases Mythbusted

    As the industry enters into a new era of virtual and physical innovations, the time for presentations, webinars, & whitepapers describing how service providers will turn on new revenue streams and save heaps of cash through automation, is over.  It’s now time to demonstrate proven working products that represent an actual service provider’s network.

  • Juniper 'Stacks' Up for an Impressive July

    June was a jam-packed month for Juniper, full of product announcements and new partnerships. In our year of innovation, we stive to continue this great momentum and in July, we certainly took steps forward towards this goal.


  • Juniper Networks Certified Network Design Associate (JNCDA) journey

    My name is Maciej (“Magic”) Kozlowski and I work as Tier 3 WLAN Engineer in ATOS. I cover wireless LAN support for one of our biggest clients: SIEMENS for the whole EMEA region. Previously – for over 5 years – I have worked for: Nokia Siemens Networks/NOKIA on several positions in their network IT department – where I first touched Juniper equip

  • VMware vRealize and Juniper vSRX

    There have been some really amazing things going on in the automation world. The part about automation that is somewhat hard for people to recognize is why they need it and where to start. Sometimes this confusion is because automation means something different to everyone. One of the easiest ways to get started are via integrations with d

  • Enterprise Networks - The Future Is Up for Grabs

    The future of enterprise networks is up for grabs. Literally. Enterprise executives are driving this changing of the guard, whether they know it or not. For them, networking as a “black box” service is not good enough. Savvy network professionals can profit by shaping these changing expectations. Here are three ideas for getting started.

  • Canadian Students Tackle Emerging SDN NFV Opportunity

    TELUS and Juniper Networks launched a joint weeklong SDN/Network Automation Workshop and Competition (aka “throw down”) for qualified student teams across four Canadian schools – Ryerson University, York University, the University of Toronto, and the University of Ottawa. 




  • If you only knew the [optical] power of the Dark Side

    vader.jpegDarth Vader may have been an optics engineer earlier in his career. His prowess with optical devices is well documented. You should know your optical numbers when planning your next optical transport link and estimate reach for dark fiber applications.


    Run the numbers and calculate the power of the Dark Side.

  • Don’t Miss 22 Standing Ovations

    Every time the OpenStack call for speakers closes there is some coincidental big news in my inbox!


    This time: July 16th - Google Joins OpenStack (last time it was the State Of The Cloud report showing hybrid cloud as IT nirvana for 82% of Enterprises)


    Go figure! July 15th the day prior - some partners in crime and I had just submitted a session proposal on SDN and Infrastructure Interoperability in OpenStack and

  • QFX Series switches? Reflections on changes to our switching system

    LANI’m amongst you, a reader of these IT blogs, trying to pay attention to publications that can improve my professional environment. I must also admit that I do read them out of personal curiosity too! In this respect, the network architecture team I run has recently faced a number of challenges that come up again and again.

  • Hello World

    Juniper Security Incident Response TeamThe first blog posting from the Juniper Networks Security Incident Response Team. We are the Juniper Networks Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) and we handle all aspects of possible security issues with Juniper products.

  • Building Scalable Virtualized Gi-LAN

    Gi-LAN-Data-CenterAs communication service providers are looking to cut cost and gain competitive advantage by offering a more fine-grained user experience, they are looking to consolidation and virtualized solutions that not only reduce physical footprints but grow with business needs. When you combine consolidation and virtualization, this creates a powerful technical challenge, where service providers must deploy a virtualized solu

  • Hey You, Get Onto My Cloud

    CloudEnabledEnterprise_banner.pngHey You, Get Onto My Cloud

    by Matt Hurley, Corporate VP, Worldwide Partner and Field Marketing 


    OK, you’ve probably heard similar plays on the title of the Stones’ classic before given all the talk about the cloud. But seriously, the cloud’s the thing and it’s not all talk anymore. Analyst research shows this and we hear it from our customers everyday. From public to private to hybrid, enterprises are adopting clo

  • The Software Defined Rollercoaster

    I’ve always loved big rollercoasters. Every moment is pure glee - from the pulse-pumping anticipation of the initial climb to the final headlong plunge back to earth. One rollercoaster everyone is riding this summer is Software Defined Networking. The latest tech market research shows that this ride is gaining a new kind of momentum.

  • Cable as a Channel: Dishing Out Partner Revenue

    Cable as a Channel: Dishing Out Partner Revenue

    by Matt Hurley, Corporate VP, Global Partner and Field Marketing Organization and David Scholnick, Director, Partner Sales, U.S. Cables


    Those of you who attended any of the recent Juniper Partner Advisory Councils likely heard about how our Partnering for Business Growth program is going to help you succeed. We outlined four ways we’re going to do that: investing in e

  • Juniper Networks Certified Network Design Associate - JNCDA

    When I saw the new Design Certification track being offered by Juniper Networks I jumped on it immediately....

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