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  • Juniper Networks Creates Solutions Around the World

    E7FDD2AC-D384-490E-8990-8425F4242476.pngIn this month’s featured content, we recap a few of Juniper’s most exciting customer success stories from around the world. 


    Additionally, we are excited to announce the launch of Juniper Networks Design and Architecture Center, an interactive site that provides customers and partners with a central repository of content to assess, design and implement modern data center network solutions. The site will deliver a s

  • Understanding Analyst Influence - Best Practices

    Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.34.59 AM.png

    Analyst influence starts with an analyst’s research into a market (the buyers, sellers, drivers, macro economic factors, technology). A common form of research for an analyst is a vendor briefing. A briefing between an analyst and a vendor is a meeting in which vendors typically update analysts on new products, changing business models, mergers and acquisitions, or to start a new relationship. Find out how to make t
  • A Multi-Layer PCE using a Controller-to-Controller Interface

    Juniper Networks NorthStar ControllerThis Multi-Layer solution provides a packet-layer Path Computation Element(PCE)[1] (e.g. the NorthStar Controller) with an abstracted view of an underlying transport network to facilitate better or more optimal input for its [packet-layer PCE] applications, such as a path diversity applications. The abstracted view of the transport network will provide enough relevant information about an under-lying transport networ

  • To the crowd!

    Juniper Networks Tech Wiki“Groups are only smart when there is a balance between the information that everyone in the group shares and the information that each of the members of the group holds privately. It's the combination of all those pieces of independent information, some of them right, some of them wrong, that keeps the group wise.” –James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds

  • NorthStar Controller: adapting to real-time traffic volumes

    NorthStarlabI previously blogged about the benefits of having a central controller, in the shape of NorthStar, in the WAN. This time I’m going to show how NorthStar can react to the changing traffic levels on an LSP, and make modifications to the path accordingly if needed.

  • Building Multi tenant Data Centers with MPLS L3VPNs

    VirtualPrivateCloudHosting and cloud providers often look to scalable multi-tenant solutions to provide data center/compute/software services to their customers. Delivering these services requires scaling the network, providing isolation and security between customers, and being able to scale the services across data centers and geographies. 

  • Pumping Up with FEC

    HanzFranzCrop.jpgAre bit errors pummeling your router ports? Do your links look weak and flabby? You need to pump up your interfaces with FEC to achieve maximum pumpitide!


    Getting a basic understanding of FEC and its statistics will help you better understand the strength of your packet-optical interface. 

  • How Fast Can Your Business Evolve?

    Businesses today need to evolve rapidly to keep pace with a changing technology landscape. The data center, and the network that underpins it, are absolutely critical to enabling this business evolution. Read to find out how MetaFabric enables Instant Evolution.

  • IDEAS/Connected Minutes: SPI Program and MX104 Promotion

    In this edition we interview Rick Remes, Director of SP Product Marketing at Juniper, who introduces Juniper’s Service Provider Infrastructure Program, as well as the MX104 Promotion.

  • Dynamic Power Management: Save power, save money.

    Power is money. So, saving power is important. The capacity of the line cards and the PICs/MICs are also constantly going up. This means that the overall power consumption of the newly built HW components are also increasing. Hence, building power efficient internet routers and HW components without compromising the scale, performance or functionality becomes important. This is what triggered me to create this blog s

  • Understanding Analyst Influence: Why Analysts Matter

    Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.32.37 AM.png

    Influencers play a key role in any business and industry analysts are key influencers in the tech industry. Analysts influence all phases of purchase decisions as well as vendor product and business plans. In the following video, analysts and industry executives dive into the analyst role and discuss why it is so influential in a B2B setting.






  • SMF: A New Era for Data Centers?

    To support this growth, data center network architectures have evolved into scale-out designs, providing the plumbing to carry large amounts of latency-sensitive application traffic between racks. To improve bandwidth utilization, data centers are also moving from 10GbE to 40GbE to 100GbE, providing bigger pipes for transmitting application traffic at line rates. At the same time, more and more servers are being pack

  • Can you automate Automation for me? - By Intern Animesh Kumar

    Here is a great blog by my intern Animesh Kumar. He worked for my over the summer and created a great tool Ptolemy: The Network Cartographer. For me it was an amazing experience and I am so happy to have had Animesh working for me this summer.


    By Animesh Kumar: 


    During my initial years of work in IT industry I used to work on Automation of test suites for the tools I had developed or the APIs I had written. My no

  • Juniper and Partners Win Together at a Phenomenal ‘2015 Juniper Partner Summit’ in Sydney

    Juniper Networks A/NZ recently held their annual Partner Summit, and it was a major success. Read more about how the event unfolded here. 

  • Day One Books - Second Editions

    Here at Juniper Books we publish over a dozen new titles every year. They range from advanced to beginning network engineering, from lab books to posters. This past week we published another Second Edition to a very popular book, This Week: Hardening Junos Devices, Second Edition, by John Weidley, a resident engineer working in the Washington D.C. area.

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