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  • Looking to Increase your Valuation? Consider Recurring Revenue

    As I travel around the country meeting with partner principals, the message of adding and increasing recurring revenue is becoming critical for having a positive impact on partner valuations. Our Juniper “Cable Business Service Program” does just that, by working with Partners such as yourself to help you build a recurring revenue business model that will improve your valuation and obtain higher multiples.

  • Juniper Delivers Solid Sequential Revenue and Profit Growth for Q2

    Yesterday we announced our 2016 Q2 financial results, reporting net revenues of $1,221.3 million, flat YoY and an increase of 11% sequentially. In response, Rami commented.
    "Despite an uncertain macro environment, we delivered solid revenue performance and profitability metrics in the second quarter. There is no shortage of appetite for network innovation. Our diversification strategy and differentiated portfolio enab

  • Routing Reflections @ IETF 96: A Routing AD's Perspective


    This particular IETF was special since Juniper was the Host.  We are working on more engagement between the Open Source communities and the IETF.  The work on YANG models in the Routing Area continues.  OAM and telemetry were another focus.  I am pushing NVO3 towards a conclusion around the three different encapsulations (VXLAN-GPE, GENEVE, and GUE) that they've been considering.  In RTGWG, the discussion around ho

  • Contain Yourself


    One of the gnarly questions IT folks have been asking for a solution to is how to get software to run reliably when it’s moved from one computing environment to another. Enter containers, an approach breaks down applications into smaller, bite-size components known as microservices. 

  • Service Provider Transformation: Change is the New Normal

    With today’s ever changing competitive landscape, transformation is no longer an option, it’s become an imperative for Service providers to remain relevant, prosper and grow their business. The need for transformation is being driven by several challenges both external and internal, as well as strategic and operational.  Although a transformation strategy and exact approach will vary among service providers, we’ve id

  • Building More Than a Website

    At Juniper, we know that our customers come to us to build more than a network. You come to us to build the innovation platform that will fuel your business growth and deliver value to your customers.

    Behind the scenes at Juniper, we are doing the same.

    Leveraging feedback from you, our mighty digital team has been rebuilding the platform that showcases our co-innovation to the rest of the world:



  • It's all about cost, agility & risk


     In a recent interview Tony Evans (Vice President, Global Financial Services, Juniper Networks) highlighted that the top three issues for CIOs at his customers in the financial services industry are: cost; agility; and risk. None of these are surprising, and will probably still be the big issues this time next year


    It's interesting to think about how each of these areas of cost; agility and risk can be tackled by


    Web application vulnerabilities face exploitation by malicious attackers, who are looking for benefits from the activity. Secure network architectures need to constantly evolve to keep up with the latest advanced persistent threats.


    OWASP represents most critical application vulnerabilities and provides excellent reference point for assessing the application security risks.

  • Featured Partner: InterVision Systems

    Learn about how InterVision Systems creates custom, flexible converged solutions that deliver scalability, reliability, and investment protection for their customers.  



  • Featured Partner: FusionStorm

    FusionStorm and Juniper team up to create your dream data center without breaking the bank. 

  • Are Federal Agencies Ready to Disrupt the Network Status Quo?

    When the first highways were built, they changed the way people traveled. It became easy to get from one end of the country to another. They were exciting and necessary innovations – similar to IT networks in the early years.


    Like highways, networks have become ubiquitous. Regardless of big data, applications, mobile devices, and more, networks are expected to “just work.” Federal IT managers are no longer trying t

  • The Relationship between Multi-Layer Optimization & Multi-Layer PCEs


    A direct communication channel between the Controller of the optical system and the Controller of the packet system  provides a means of exchanging relevant information so as to enable each domain specific controller to optimize the services for which it is responsible. The data [information] exchanged should be in the form of a common language or data-model that can be used as a trusted source of relevant and real-

  • LSE invests in Juniper to create a high-speed secure network interconnectivity with a difference

    It’s probably fair to say that the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is one of the top universities in the world. After all, the university can count 16 Nobel prize winners amongst its staff or alumni, and 37 past or present world leaders!

  • Managed Security Services Provider Drives Sales with Amazing Customer Experience

    Editor’s note: This is a guest blog post by Andrew Hill, COO of OneConfig, a Juniper Networks Technology Alliance Partner based in Sydney, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa.


    As businesses face ever-increasing cyberthreats, it becomes harder for them to deal with targeted assaults on their infrastructure. To minimize their business risks, they need more sophisticated software and equipment, plus the skilled reso

  • Visibility into network security threats and risks using Junos Space Security Director

    The World Wide Web is a source of threats in the form of malware and viruses. There are hackers trying to get in to corporates network and steal information. This makes it important for businesses to have a complete visibility of the usage patterns of the applications over the Internet accessed by their users. This visibility can help organization detect and block malicious or unauthorized network traffic.