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A new look for J-Net!

by Administrator Administrator ‎06-18-2012 05:00 PM - edited ‎06-21-2012 12:57 PM

As you can see we've launched our new look for the J-Net Community today! This redesign is wide ranging and not only includes a new color theme but also user interface changes and reorganized content.


Updates we've made today include:


  • Log in, settings, and help are now located in the upper left and search is on the right
  • Blogs and Forums have swapped positions and we've made them more distinguishable
  • We've added a new "Featured Content" area to highlight the latest videos and events
  • Announcements will always be in the upper right column to keep you up to date on latest news and updates
  • Look for new Juniper employee blogs with perspectives and opinions in areas of their expertise
  • J-Net News has been renamed "Community Talk", be sure to subscribe to stay up to date about J-Net contests, member recognition and more
  • We have a new vGW forum board
  • Premium Content forums are now viewable in the Discussion Forums category
  • J-Net members now have the option to use a photo for your avatar 

We hope you like the new look as much as we do! Please leave a comment or send me a private message if you have any questions or comments.


As always, thank you for participating in J-Net!



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