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Add your Social Icons to your J-Net profile

by Administrator Administrator ‎01-25-2013 11:42 AM - edited ‎03-13-2013 11:03 AM

We're always looking to add new functionality and features in J-Net for our users and we'd like to bring your attention to a new addition. You can now add your Twitter, & Facebook and LinkedIn pages right in your profile. Get more followers and follow more of your peers. Here's the steps to add your social properties:


  • Log in to J-Net
  • Select the "My Settings" link next to your user name
  • Select the "Personal Information" link in the "Personal Information" tab
  • Scroll down and enter the data for whichever social property you would like to promote (note that you do not have to enter the complete URL, just the name or handle you use. Hover over the ? for instructions)
  • Press save
  • Select your J-Net User name to go to your profile page

This is how they appear in your profile:










Look for additional features and functionality coming soon!




by ‎05-22-2013 01:47 AM - edited ‎12-19-2013 04:04 AM

Where is G+

by Moderator Moderator on ‎11-19-2013 01:41 PM

Where's G+?

by Ahmet Selvi(anon) on ‎01-27-2014 01:30 AM

Hi everybody,


I have a problems. There is a IP-SEC tunnel between Juniper SSG 140 and Checkpoint R76. on Checpoint site tunnel is up.  on Juniper site SA status is active but Link is Down. When  I have reset Juniper FW, tunnel Link is up then Link is down. What's problems?



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