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[Promotion Closed] Promotion: Tell us your Certification Story

by Administrator Administrator ‎08-13-2010 07:59 AM - edited ‎10-01-2010 06:16 AM

Would you like to renew your existing certification, move up a level in your particular track or get certified in a new track? Then let us help you! Take part in our “Tell us about why you became Juniper Certified” story promotion and receive either a 100% off voucher for a certification exam or two hours of virtual lab time. This will help you on your way to obtaining another Juniper Certification.  Simply follow the steps below.

Here’s what you need to do to submit your story:

  1. If you’re not a member of J-Net you’ll need to register for a free user account in order to post your story, so take that first step now. To complete the registration process sign in to J-Net after registration and pick a user ID. Be sure to check out the General Training and Certification Forum board for conversations about certification.
  2. Reply to this article with your story. Tell us about yourself, why you became certified and why you want to renew or obtain another certification. Your stories must be 100 words or more to be eligible.
  3. We will contact you upon submission of your story via J-Net private message to provide you with either the exam voucher or lab time.


*No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. Entrants must have one or more Juniper certifications to be eligible. Story submission ends at midnight PT on September 30, 2010. Limit one entry per person. Promotion is open to persons over the age of 18 that are invited to participate by Juniper Networks. Limit one (1) voucher per eligible respondent per eligible certification exam or two (2) hours of free virtual lab time per eligible respondent. Supply of vouchers and lab time is limited. Vouchers will be awarded in the sole discretion of Juniper Networks based on determination of eligibility and availability of vouchers. Vouchers and lab time are not transferable without express written consent of Juniper Networks and may not be redeemed for cash or substituted for other goods or services. Juniper Networks reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without notice.

by pragneshmenon
on ‎08-25-2010 04:26 AM


I am Pragnesh and I am working as network engineer in one of the leading system integrators in UAE. I had completed my CCNA and was moving forward with my daily responsibilities. One day my friend called me up and asked would you like to give a juniper exam for free. Although I was in half mind I still nodded as I thought atleast I can say others that I can work in multi vendor platforms. I was very happy to get my first juniper certifications before my seniors could do.

One fine day I came to know that my job was on stake and it was almost certain that I will be losing my job and I will have to go back to my home country. That was the sad part and even my seniors could not help it. After few weeks of sitting idle at home I was told by my collegue that there was requirement for juniper engineer in our other location for working with ISP..

Hearing this I immediately applied for the position and only because I had juniper certification with me I was saved from losing my job. Ever since then there has been no looking back. I owe a lot to juniper and would like to take this opportunity for saving my job and making me build a stronger base in my career.

by shanan
on ‎08-25-2010 11:47 AM

how to get 100% free voucher

by ductho
on ‎08-28-2010 08:11 AM

My name is Tho from Vietnam. I am working as SI for NTT Communications which is biggest in communication market in the world. My company's customer alway require high network security and i often chose Cisco product to design network for them. But, now a day, the Cisco product is very popular and there are many technician to know about it clearly so it mean the network is easier attacked. The Juniper product has just appeared in Vietnam in recent years so it is suitable to propose for my customer and i have used some Juniper product in my network design as SSG5, S5GT, SSG20, SSG140. My customer is very satisfied when i use Juniper product so i think that it is conveninet for my company. I have learned and get some Juniper certificate as JNCIA-ER, JNCIS-ER, JNCIA-EX, JNCIS-SEC make me have been more confident in my network design. And of course, step up to higher level and get certificate is a desire for me.

by Ahmad talal
on ‎08-30-2010 06:51 AM


 Im Ahmad talal working in city college as network administrator, We r best in IT courses and Certifications i have MCSA certification and last year i and my friend heard about Juniper certification before that we were confuse and in trouble how to arrange 250$ each for CCNA exam. But when we heard  about juniper offering exam for free we get happy now i want to give more exams because juniper is growing so fast in Pakistan . After taking juniper certification i  feel more confident in the network field . After completeting juniper certification new windows wll be opend for me in this word

by Jayson.Morgan
on ‎09-03-2010 01:29 PM

I am a Network Engineer for a local government entity.  We recently made the decision to move toward Juniper switching platforms on our backbone infrastructure. Once we made that decision, I made the choice that I wanted to be recognized as a “professional” within the organization by obtaining the JNCIA-EX certification through the Fast Track Program.


 I feel as though the free resources that Juniper offers is what allowed me to be able to take that step to get the certification, whereas I probably wouldn’t have done so if left solely on my own.  Other certifications I have obtained were obtained only after attending an in-person or remote training of some kind.  The free training offered by Juniper is great if one is not able to pay to take a class.  I want to obtain another certification as a personal challenge and to also recognize my diverse skill set.

by proffi
on ‎09-09-2010 03:44 AM

I am a network security engineer . I have a deep knowledge on NetScreen products because I have work with these products for about 8 years. My knowledge is really deep in area of the ScreenOS software and related hardware. I was also certified on SSL VPN and IDP. Now is the time to start conversion the Juniper Networks / NetScreen certificates into proprietary Juniper Networks certification (JUNOS). The SRX line is getting started to replace the SSG and NetScreen line of the products, so it is the high time to get prepared and certified for the new line. It is also a big value that the lot of learning resources are available on the FastTrack Portal.

by waqashameed2k4
on ‎09-17-2010 05:05 AM

I am Waqas, a Network & Security Engineer from Pakistan with four years professional experience.


I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science. When I came out of the university, I have  done trainings on some CISCO courses like CCNA and CCNP to enter in a job market of Networking Professionals. But when I join my 1st company as a Trainee Network Engineer, I saw that there were no CISCO products... They are using Juniper’s M series and J series routers and ISG and SSG series Firewalls and now they are also using Juniper’s EX3200 and EX4200 Switches and SRX Products.


This situation is makes me uncomfortable and I thought Juniper language (JunOS) is very hard to learn because I have a CISCO background and Juniper terminologies and syntax are far different from Cisco. But when I start learning JunOS language I start loving Juniper products because Juniper give me more features in one box than any other vendor. At that time, Juniper just started their FAST TRACK program and it helps me very much to get certified in Juniper. I got lot of advantage from this FAST TRACK program because Study Guides and Lab Guides are available freely on Fast Track website. First I got certification in Routing and Switching (ER/EX Tracks). Then after some time I realize that they are not enough if I wanted to have a bright career and a top level job I must have to do more certification. Then I started to study Juniper firewalls and about M series Enterprise routers. Now I am JNCIA/JNCIS in both FWV and M series Track but my goal is to get certification of JNCIP/JNCIE.JNCIS-SP.


I found Juniper products highly technological, robust and meet the requirements of enterprise/medium/small level networks. I recommend Juniper products for all the IT organizations if they wanted to make highly robust network.

I love to get a free voucher of JNCIP or JNCIE or JNCIS-SP exam. It’s like a dream for me to get JNCIP or JNCIE certification.




by buffalo
on ‎09-19-2010 07:38 AM

Hi all, I am Sang Nguyen and now I am working for one of ISPs at Vietnam. I have 3 years experience working with Juniper equipments. My company is using Juniper routers and firewalls for our Core Network layer. Truly to say that, we are satisfied with Juniper products than other products. During the operation, we found that Juniper are very good, high stability, high performance, high security and not so hard to manage. Currently I had CCNP, JNCIS-ER certificate. So I want to reach JNCIS-SEC or JNCIS-SP.

Thank you very much for support us. I love Juniper.

Have a nice week!


Sang Nguyen

by agha_shabbir
on ‎09-20-2010 10:10 AM

Hello this is Agha Shabbir from Pakistan, working as a Pre-Sales/Solution design Engineer. Though Juniper is known in the market for its products & competency specifically in routing (to which I have been more inclined towards since I started studying Juniper back when I started out my job), still no one would go for Junos certifications, the fast track program gave an exponential turn over to Junos certs resulting in Junos biasing & mind sets within the market. I also stand among the many who fallen prey to this strategy. After graduating from university I couldn’t afford 250$ base level certs as it’s pretty much a heavy amount here in Pakistan hence I went for cheap trainings offered for the same certs, that gave me good level of knowledge & understanding, ultimately landing me to a job where I am. Yet still I didn’t have enough courage to spend $250 on a base level cert. Juniper when aggressively launched fast track program, I got attracted to it like north & south magnetic poles do, and now today I stand proudly with 5 Juniper certifications! That is what makes me Juniper biased, it offered something to me that no one ever did! Free certifications I could just dream of! I now look forward to more studying more Juniper and work with service provider end Juniper equipment, I am currently looking forward to have JNCIE-ER & Junos service provider track credentials in my profile.


Thank you Juniper!




Agha Shabbir.

by Kalim
on ‎09-22-2010 04:17 AM

 Im Kalim working in oxbridge as network administrator,i have BSTS  and last year i and my friend heard about Juniper certification before that we were confuse and in trouble how to arrange 250$ each for CCNA exam. But when we heard  about juniper offering exam for free we get happy now i want to give more exams because juniper is growing so fast in Pakistan . After taking juniper certification i  feel more confident in the network field . After completeting juniper certification new windows wll be opend for me in this word

by becks
on ‎09-22-2010 10:26 AM

I'm Hieu, pre-sale engineer from Vietnam. Now I'm working for a Systems Intergated company in telecom field.
Since I have worked with Juniper devices 1 year ago, I love them and now I always give Juniper devices into proposals for our customers.
The configuration guides of Juniper are very clearly, easy to understand, easy to search; so that you can easy to configure and manage them.
I have some Juniper certificates from the previous promotion, so I am very happy when received this information from my friend because it helps me get free certificates of Juniper.

Thank you very much!


by work_hard_play_hard
on ‎09-27-2010 12:07 PM

I am a network Support Engineer who is qualified in many security products such as Juniper, CheckPoint, F5, and Cisco. After working with many solutions for SSL VPNs, I can say with confidence that the Juniper IVE product is one of the best in the industry. I have recently passed the JNCIA-SSL and would like to obtain the JNCIS-SSL to further dive into all the many aspects that I have heard of, but haven’t had the chance to fully comprehend. As I support the Juniper IVE product, I would like to continue to support this product well and explain recommended configuration examples for our valued clients. I hope to give back to the Juniper program by recommending them and supporting the J-Net threads.

Thanks for your assistance Juniper!

by Jang Jang
on ‎09-29-2010 09:44 AM

Hi everyone,


I have just heard this topic from my friend. I hope it's not so late.
I'm an IT of a bank in Singapore, my role is monitoring security devices. We are using 02 Juniper firewalls, 02 Fortinet firewalls and 02 Checkpoint firewall in order to protect our data center.
Of course we are very pleased with the Juniper equipment. Beside using them as firewalls, we run VPN SSL on them. So I concluded: "Juniper= robust + safe".


Thank you very much!


by Steven123
on ‎09-29-2010 10:18 AM

Hi all,


I'm Steven, IT Manager of PVID Gas in Singapore. We have selected Juniper equipment solutions for our new systems; including routers, switches and firewalls.
Previously I worked for a SI company as a network engineer, so I did not hesitate when selecting the contractors offered Juniper solutions for this new system that I remind above.
I believe that all equipments will work well.

I also want to get free voucher in order to reach Juniper Certificates.


Have nice day all of you.


Thanks & Regards,


by rsr
on ‎09-29-2010 01:47 PM


 I  am a network security engineer . I have 4 years of experience  in Juniper Netscreen Firewalls, and other Juniper security products. When Juniper introduced security solution based on very good a Juniper operating system called JUNOS – well known, and respected in area of routing I decided to develop my knowledge about  this technology especially in security area. The best motivation to study for me is to schedule an exam. In my company we are currently implementing new SRX firewalls so I have to study a lot about this products. I think that because of stability, easy management and functionality Juniper SRX Firewalls becomes standard security solutions in many companies.  I am currently holding JNCIA-EX and JNCIA-JUNOS certificates, and I am going to pass next exams very soon.

Best regards


Juniper Innovators Circle
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