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Special Announcement: Congratulations to J-Net Members who have moved up the ranks!

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We want to take this time to recognize and send a big thank you to our members that have moved up the ranks in the
J-Net Community. We appreciate your participation and look forward to many more posts from you! Congratulations!

Distinguished Experts:

rkim, muttbarker

Trusted Experts:

mikep, Screenie, Raheel, WL


Recognized Experts:

aarseniev, firewall72, CB, Loup2, CN, shadow, Daniele, PentinProcessor

Super Contributors:

Cesar, lto, AntonD, mehdi, erdems, davidjdv, arizvi

Truster Contributors:

Russ, srigelsford, c0d3r, CCIE2O1O, ELKIM, Mrkool, harrydanger, motd, wsanders, mnarine, stine, wimclend, groque1, SSHSSH, Dominik,S_Clarke, ManojReddy, Bruno, JNPRdbackman, darkiesan, Nemanja, omarg, Optimist, ruc, ccall, jmattan   

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  • Douglas Richard Hanks Jr. is a Director of Product Management with Juniper Networks and focuses on solution architecture. He is certified with Juniper Networks as JNCIE-ENT #213 and JNCIE-SP #875. Douglas’ interests are network engineering and architecture for enterprise and service provider technologies. He is the author of the Juniper MX Series book by O'Reilly Media and several Day One books published by Juniper Networks Books. Douglas is also the co-founder of the Bay Area Juniper Users Group (BAJUG). Douglas can be reached on Twitter @douglashanksjr.
  • Lisa Lorenzin is a Principal Solutions Architect with Juniper Networks, specializing in security and mobility solutions, and a contributing member of Trusted Network Connect, a work group of the Trusted Computing Group that defines an open architecture and standards for endpoint integrity and network security. She has worked in a variety of Internet-related roles since 1994, with more than a decade of that focused on network and information security, and is currently concentrating on enterprise security including network segmentation, end-to-end identity-based access control, and integration of mobile security.
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