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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a time dedicated to informing the public of steps we can take and resources we can leverage to improve our personal safety online. Here at Juniper we also like to use this month to recognize the players on network security teams who help keep our data safe. In celebration of the hardworking folks who protect our network from threats on a daily basis, let’s have a look at what it takes to be a network security team member.


If you are in the Arizona vicinity please join us on October 25th, for a regional Junos Automation Bootcamp! Located at the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona.  You will have the opportunity to dive into topics about utilizing Automation as a Network Operations tool to provision, maintain and update physical and virtual network devices. Increase your knowledge on how your company can improve its business continuity, reduce costs, increase efficiency and accelerate your business goals. 

Junos Automation Bootcamp.PNG




We are pleased to introduce our September Fan-of-the-Month, Dan Hearty.  In addition to sharing our technical blogs that he finds interesting, Dan frequently posts his Juniper experiences and gear on Twitter @danhearty. He is a long time Juniper user who is now focused on bringing SDN and NFV to his Service Provider customers.


If you are in the Maryland vicinity please join us on September 20th, for a regional user group event at the Sheraton Columbia Town Center in Columbia, MD.  You will have the opportunity to network with other Juniper users, engineers, and specialists, plus hear more about the latest technology trends.


Juniper Networks Technology Workshop - Sept 20, 2016

by Administrator Administrator ‎08-25-2016 07:37 AM - edited ‎08-29-2016 11:20 AM


You are invited to learn how Juniper Networks is working to help educational institutions enable their wireless campuses, prepare for evolving security threats, define cloud strategies and understand the future of campus automation. 



Introducing Juniper's August Fan-of-the-Month - Tim Gregory

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We are excited to introduce our Fan-of-the-Month for August, Tim Gregory. Tim came across our radar as a result of his  technical blog Packets and Stuff.   The community raved about the quality of his EVPN – the basics deep dive article on our social channels and they continue to share and comment on all of his blog content.


Mark your calendars and attend an exclusive Q&A event right here in the J-Net Community! Simply visit the Tech Café forum on August 23rd. To participate you must be a registered member of J-Net. Not a registered member? It’s easy! Create a new user account here.



We are pleased to introduce Chinar Trivedi as our July Fan-of-the-Month. Chinar is an avid reader and reviewer of Juniper technology books  from O'Reilly and our Day One collection. He participates in our online community events and helps us by amplifying our content on his Twitter account where he is known as ip_mpls_labguy.  We would like to recognize and thank him for being a Juniper fan. Congrats to you Chinar!




As part of our "Ranking and Reward" program, we want to recognize the following J-Net members that have recently moved up the ranks.


Trusted Expert

Pradeep Gadde


Recognized Expert



Trusted Contributor









You can expect an email from us with your new rank certificate and we'll also send you a small token of our appreciation for your participation in the J-Net Community.


Congratulations all and keep up the great work!


Introducing Amit Gumber, our May Fan-of-the-Month

by Administrator Administrator ‎05-02-2016 07:00 AM - edited ‎05-06-2016 11:39 AM


We are happy to introduce May’s Fan-of-the-Month, Amit Gumber. Amit is an avid participant in our community challenges and programs! He’s partaken in Lab Madness for the past two years, our Scavenger Hunt, both Network Design and Blog Challenges and recently contributed to our TechWiki with a solution article. He also helps out in the J-Net Community and you can find him on Twitter from time to time.


Mark your calendars and attend an online event right here in the J-Net Community! Just visit the Tech Café forum on the 17th of May. To post questions you must be a registered member of J-Net. It’s easy to register, just create a new user account here.


Featuring: Antonio Sanchez-Monge and Krzysztof Szarkowicz, Authors of the recently released book "MPLS in the SDN Era".


Q&A with Lab Madness 2016 Champion

by Administrator Administrator on ‎04-18-2016 08:01 AM

We are pleased to introduce Alejandro Bustamante who made it to the final round and is our 2016 Lab Madness champion. Your votes took him to the top and we thought you might like to get to know him better by way of this interview.


What was your motivation to participate in Lab Madness, and did you enjoy your Championship experience?

I think that the main motivation was to share with all our users and visitors the experience on working with Juniper, also over the time we can say that this brand has huge advantages over others. The championship experience is great and gives all of us the necessary motivation to continue working with this brand.


We’re excited to announce that this year’s Lab Madness champion has been crowned. The winner of the 2016 Lab Madness Championship is...


Calling all J-Net Members: The TechWiki Wants You!

by Juniper Employee ‎04-11-2016 07:15 AM - edited ‎04-13-2016 11:26 AM

We’re excited to announce that the TechWiki is now open to contributions from all J-Net users – this means you!


If you are a customer, partner, or employee, and love using Juniper Networks’ products, the TechWiki is waiting for you. The Juniper Networks TechWiki is a tribal “think-tank” – a place where J-Net community members can author and share articles about their experiences with our products and technologies.


This is a continuation of the Q&A series in which we turn the tables on our executives and shine a light on their lives in and out of the office.



Juniper consistently ranks among the industry’s best places to work thanks in part to our flexible work environment and extensive employee benefits. If you needed to salute someone for these accomplishments, look no further than our own progressively-minded Susan Lovegren, Senior Vice President, Human Resources. Upon returning to Juniper last year, Susan picked up where she left off in 2013 with a mission to ensure employees are passionate about where they work.


As we continue to reflect on Juniper’s 20th anniversary, take a moment and get to know Susan Lovegren.


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