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ServletAuthentication.login weblogic (BEA) always uses anonymous with mixed pool

We have an application where this works fine, all servers are WEBLOGIC and the LDAP calls works. But the problem application has a mixture of IIS and Web logic targets. 


Both apps have the APPS same apprules.  Subscription.washpost.com is not behind our other novell proxies for Auth, we don't use DX cluster LDAP features on the DX.  To login, the user must authenticate with an Oracle database using ServletAuthentication.login. This performs the authentication call through the security Realm and sets the user information for the session.   We tried this  some time ago. What wound up happening was that NO user could login; it appeared that the DX somehow made all users anonymous.


Why would the DX block this or is the DX transparent?  If one cluster is pointing to all bea weblogic servers and the apprule works why would an apprule fail to allow auth if some IIS servers (media servers) are in the pool? Any ideas? I can get the apprule if needed? Thanks!

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Re: ServletAuthentication.login weblogic (BEA) always uses anonymous with mixed pool



Have you configured the DX settings for Weblogic - see http://forums.juniper.net/jnet/attachments/jnet/dx/32/1/AppNote-Cluster_Specific_Conf_and_Troublesho...


If you have these configured, can you open a JTAC case and send in a TSdump from the DX unit and a tcpdump of a successful authentication by-passing the DX and a dump of a failing connection via the DX, so we can investigate what is happening.