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Best Holiday Gift for Your Bosses – Opex Savings!

by Juniper Employee on ‎11-28-2016 10:58 AM

It’s getting to that time of the year when you start to think about the right gift for those special people in your life. Of course, your kid, significant other, grandma, but how about your bosses in the C-suite? How about something they’ll remember and really appreciate? Like Opex savings.


If you’re not familiar with what we’re talking about, take a look at this report from the analysts at IDC.


Earlier this year, IDC analysts interviewed several Juniper customers in Western Europe with the aim of quantifying the business value – the ROI – of Juniper Networks’ switching, routing and security solutions. Customers interviewed ranged from small companies with as few as 12 employees to large enterprises with 40,000 employees and included companies from the service provider, information technology, publishing, public sector and transportation market segments. 


From the interviews, IDC determined that the average ROI from Juniper’s solutions for the customers interviewed was 349 percent over five years, with an average payback period of 8.6 months from deployment. Business benefits were realized in four main areas: infrastructure, network administration and management, IT user productivity, and overall business productivity.


To put this into context, IDC said that IT hardware investments commonly provide payback in nine to 12 months. Payback in six to nine months is normally considered to be very rapid, so the 8.6-month payback for Juniper Networks in this study should be considered an exceptional performance.


According to IDC, “High-performance, virtualized and open networking and security solutions, such as those provided by Juniper Networks, are a financially prudent investment for companies looking to transform their network and security infrastructure to better support their business requirements.”


The complete study results are available in a whitepaper and the highlights in an infographic. And be sure to share both with your bosses. They make great stocking stuffers.


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