Developer to the Core

Building Great Applications for Your Network

by Juniper Employee ‎10-13-2011 10:22 AM - edited ‎10-13-2011 05:35 PM

You hear the word network and application together more and more frequently today. Why? Because you actually can build applications more easily than ever using tools that are developer and network friendly and utilize tools you already know how to use (ie: Eclipse IDE).

Historically there's been a divide. But the network and applications need to work together.


Why Does Juniper Care about Developers?

by Juniper Employee on ‎10-05-2011 09:22 AM

Juniper = Networking, right? Well, that's not quite true anymore.


Juniper still offers lots of great networking equipment, but we've also been growing our software offerings for the past few years (albeit a bit quietly) and this year at JavaOne we really wanted to showcase what we're doing.


No longer does Juniper only = Networking, but Juniper also = better web applications for developers.


We aren't going to predict the entire universe of applications to be created when we put APIs on the network elements and cross-device abstractions, but by opening and exposing the inner workings to developers, we're looking forward to unleashing a lot of new ideas.   The new network is programmable - tinker away.


Predictable, reliable end-to-end network behavior over a wide range of operating conditions and constraints is the new ingredient brand, much as "Intel Inside" defined the corresponding PC attributes through the explosion of desktop computing.  You need the network exposed such that it can be smarter about your code, and your code can optimize its use of network resources.


That's our goal of making the New Network programmable - it makes applications aware of the network and the network aware of its set of applications.  And along the way, it may make IT and development better friends.


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