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DSCP rewrite on EX-2200



I have problem. In documentation I found:

Table 4: Class-of-Service (CoS) Features by Junos OS Release


Class of service (CoS)—Class-based queuing with prioritization; Layer 2 and Layer 3 classification, rewrite and queuing; strict priority queuing on egress



but some lines under this is:


Remarking of bridged packets:

*Not supported*


Is remarking something other than rewriting?


We want to rewrite packets on ex2200 dscp, but it is not supported as it is mentioned in the document.... "warning configuration block ignored: non supported platform (ex2200.....)"


Is this a typo? Shoud I open JTAC ticket? :smileyhappy:



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Re: DSCP rewrite on EX-2200

I agree the wording is quite confusing - I think what it's trying to say though is that the EX2200 supports rewriting of Layer 2 ToS bits (802.1P), but by the looks of it, it only supports this on routed (not RVI or ethernet-switching) interfaces.

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