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Re: Default route for vme/me management ports?

I was just about to add exactly that point about Extreme. 

With extreme the MGMT port is predefined with a separate VR instance. 


Separate routing table for both in fact its not possible to route between the 2 which is exactly what you want. 

I still find it hard to belive JUNOS does not support this, the whole point of the MGMT port is it is a separate interface to the management much like the serial port, only IP.

This is an example config to configure the MGMT on an extreme, job done. 


configure vlan Mgmt ipaddress
configure iproute add vr VR-Mgmt



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Re: Default route for vme/me management ports?

Please don't say this is still a restriction ?? I've just spent the last half an hour trying to do this (yeah, yeah. I'm a cisco head, that's why it took so long Smiley Wink)


How would I go about looking to see if it's been scheduled as an enhancement request ?

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Re: Default route for vme/me management ports?

Stephen - the Juniper party line is that you need to talk to your Juniper Sales Team and get them to submit an enhancement request for you. I don't think you will get any feedback as to where it is in the priority list, or if it is even on the list (unless you have a lot of clout) but the more requests the more Juniper will listen and do the obvious fix.

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