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EX4200-24F port flap

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I have such a topology:


(EX4200-24F 11.3R3.2)---------(switch1) (link flap)


|----------------------------(switch2) (restarting)


When the switch2 restarts port connected to switch1 flaps (down/up). Switch1 is connected to configured ae0 (ge-0/0/1, ge-0/0/2) but only ge-0/0/2 is plugged in.  May be someone faced such an issue ?





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Re: EX4200-24F port flap

Hi Placek

if one side of the fiber were to reboot this would cause the light to stop emitting on the fiber and the other end will see the interface go down.

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Re: EX4200-24F port flap

two ports are in the same ae interface? If no, did you try to see if other ports have the same issue?

I don't think a single port action will affact other switch ports in normal behavior. Maybe you need to raise a TAC case for that.

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Re: EX4200-24F port flap

Are you running LACP on ae0? A flap on a different link shouldn't be enough to cause this, but I've seen EX series switches take too long to respond to LACP packets from their neighbors during times that the routing engine CPU is working hard. Does the switch on the other side of ae0 show any errors about LACP timeouts? Have you tried setting the LACP interval to slow (by setting lacp periodic slow under the ae interface)? It's not an optimal solution, since it changes the timers from 1s to 30s, but it might at least tell you whether LACP is the culprit. :w