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EX4200 Management Interfaces



I have 2 x 48 port 4200 configured as a chassis


I have carved the stack up in to 4 VRF's. I have not configured, as yet, the global routing instance with any networking.


I would like to apply a loopback/virtual interface for management. I would usually add this interface in to the global routing interface but as metnioned, have not configured this on these switches.


How can I achieve this.


Can i assign a 10.0.0.x address to the management interfaces on each switch and assign these ports in to the global routing interface? can these management interfaces be allocated to different VRF's?



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Re: EX4200 Management Interfaces

I don't know if this helps but you can configure an IP address on vme and this ip address would control the whole stack from any management port and then assign that to the global or shared routing instance.

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Re: EX4200 Management Interfaces

out of band interfaces ONLY live in the default vrf. I've begged Juniper to allow this interface to be put into a different VRF but have been ignored.. You can put it into a logical system/router on M/T series, but EX doesn't support that..

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Re: EX4200 Management Interfaces

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For inband management, you can assign an address to the lo0.x interface and then assign the lo0.x to your VRF.  You can have more than one unit on lo0, if it is assigned to a VRF before commiting.  One logical unit on lo0 per instance is allowed.



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Re: EX4200 Management Interfaces

You could also sacrifice on port on each switch for a connection to the vme port.   Not exactly elegant, nor inexpensive, but it does work.

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