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How to Monitor Vlans using RMON or SNMP



Is it possible to monitor L2 vlans in EX-Series Switches, using SNMP or RMON ?


We have 2 EX-4200 that only work in a L2 way.


Both are connected using a 802.1Q trunk gigabit interface.


And we have 3 vlans configured on both EX distributed for various phy interfaces.


We would like to monitor the total amount traffic of each vlan, only monitoring vlans objects.


We are trying to do that using MRTG  but it cannot see the vlans.


Is there any tip to do this to work ?


Thanks a lot,



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Re: How to Monitor Vlans using RMON or SNMP

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It should be possible to get per-VLAN packet/byte count in firewall filter(s) applied to a specific interface/VLAN and then poll FW MIB for pkts/bytes matched


Please be aware of platform limitations for "vlan-id" match and "count" action modifier described in second link above.






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