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Juniper FBF in ex 4200 switch



i have a question, i have 2 Nortel Core(8600) and 2 Juniper Dist(4200) with ospf routing beewen core-dist. i wanna do fbf at juniper dist so traffic originaly from some port in juniper destination to redirected to remote proxy which is attach to nortel CORE. i have do just like the doc or other tutorial in the web. i create a firewall, a counter to see that a traffic actualy sent, a virtual router, and rib-group. my question is ?

1. In counter i see a increment of number of counter, but i dont see a log in my proxy ? how can i see that a traffc actualy flow to my remote proxy ?

2. i have a opsf routing, and in routing instance it says like i create a static route to remote proxy ? does it a make a problem with my ospf routing ?

3. does FBF only work with proxy that directly attached to my juniper dist  ?



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Re: Juniper FBF in ex 4200 switch

Hi Ibrahim,


FBF can only affect the next-hop route for traffic - it can't change destination address, so if your proxy is not running in transparent mode, then giving all your traffic a next-hop of the proxy will have no effect.


If you need to redirect all HTTP/HTTPS traffic to a specific proxy address, you need to use destination NAT which the EX does not support (only SRX).


I hope this helps.



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