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Moduel Hardware Specs

Hi, This is my first post on this forum and forgive me if the question has been posted before.  Is the hardware specs such as weight, size, power, etc do exist for the following parts EX Uplink modules, SFP module, & PSU do exists? 


I've been searching the website for hours now and I couldn't find any.  I need the information because I am proposing the EX series to be put on a large ship.  I also need the heat detailas for EX3200 & 4200 for HVAC computation. 


Any help will be appreciated. 


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Re: Moduel Hardware Specs

EX 3200
    GbE port density per system
        24P/24T: 24 (24 host ports or 20 host ports + four-port GbE uplink module)
        48P/48T: 48 (48 host ports or 44 host ports + four-port GbE uplink module)

  • EX 3200 shares the last four host ports with the four-port (1x4) GbE module (when installed).

EX 4200
    GbE port density per system:
        24P/24T/24F: 28 (24 host ports + four-port GbE uplink module)
        48P/48T: 52 (48 host ports + four-port GbE uplink module)
  • EX 4200 does not share host ports with GbE uplink ports.




There are three models of power supply units, to support the different EX 3200 and EX 4200, provide electrical current  to the chassis and devices connected to PoE ports on the chassis. The table below describes the three PSU models (320W, 600W and 930W) and the supported EX platforms.  The platforms are divided into 4 categories - by PoE support - platform with no PoE ports, partial PoE capability (8 PoE ports) and full PoE capability (all 24 or 48 ports).


Note: The PSU models are not interchangeable.





please also find enclosed pdf file for more information


hope it helps



Raheel Anwar


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Re: Module Hardware Specs

EX-Series switches Heat Dissipation .  This info was sourced from Juniper


The heat dissipation for EX switches is in the following table.

Model                                         BTU/Hr

EX 3200-24T(no PoE)                                323.55

EX-3200-24T (8 PoE ports)                         392.00

EX 3200-24P (24 PoE ports)                       631.41

EX 3200-48T (no POE)                               508.54

EX-3200-48T (8 PoE ports)                         576.99

EX 3200-48P (48 PoE ports)                       1061.44

EX 4200-24T (no PoE)                                389.76

EX 4200-24T (8 PoE ports)                         458.22

EX 4200-24P (24 PoE ports)                       709.90

EX 4200-48T (No PoE)                               591.81

EX 4200-48T (8 PoE ports)                         660.26

EX 4200-48P (48 PoE ports)                       1126.29

EX 4200-24F                                              371.33


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Re: Module Hardware Specs

See attachment for Power Consumption for EX Series switches.
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Re: Module Hardware Specs

Can you send me the link......where I can find this information.

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Re: Module Hardware Specs

Do you have it for EX-3300 also?




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Re: Module Hardware Specs

Where did you find this information?

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Re: Module Hardware Specs

Did you ever get updated info on this topic?

Brian Kaselak