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Troubles with communicating to Switch on any interface.

Good afternoon everone,

Our EX3300 died recently and i purchased a EX3400 to replace it. Unfortunately the language is slightly different. Uploading the configuration from 3300 to 3400 does not work. I attemped to use the translation software but had problems with RVI. 


Currently my symptoms include the following. 

When plugged into any port on switch i am unable to ping switch or pass any traffic. It was like this right after ezsetup. I had to use out of band management to start config. Below is a copy of our configuration. Take a look. Hopefully someone here can see what i am missing. 


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Re: Troubles with communicating to Switch on any interface.

Your config has a bunch of trunk ports.  I assume you are not using those to test communication with a PC/etc., yes?  I assume your PC does not send tagged frames.  Although if using those interfaces, untagged frames should be associated with VLAN 1/default and IP or


I see port ge-0/0/23 associated with vlan member 31, but vlan 31 (lyncsiptrunk) has no irb associated with it.


I see irb.0 (VLAN-ID 1; default), irb.3 (VLAN-ID 3; wlan), an irb.30 (VLAN-ID 30; lyncvoice) configured with an IP Address but no physical ports associated with any of these VLAN-ID's.




Not sure which exact interface and IP address you are trying to test with.  Maybe send you original EX3300 config, . . .

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Re: Troubles with communicating to Switch on any interface.

Thank you for your response. 


I updated the firmware on my device and  zeroed the config. I have attached both my original ex3300 config and my current ex3400 config.


Currently i am able to communicate with the switch when plugged into ge-0/0/0-9 but i am unable to communicate with any devices plugged into a trunk port. I am assuming this has to something to do with native-vlan-id but am not sure where to go from here. Here are some facts about our network hopefully it helps


Default vlan - untagged traffic -dhcp from dc's .225 & .226

Vlan 2 - DMZ - no dhcp

Vlan 3 - Wireless -dhcp from dc's .225 & .226

Vlan 30 - Lync Voice device traffic  - dhcp from dc's .225 & .226

Vlan 31 - SIP Trunk from ISP to Lync Server 

Vlan 150 - Guest Wireless - recieves dhcp from firewall 

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Re: Troubles with communicating to Switch on any interface.

Are you running virtual chassis?

If you look at the original 3300 configuration, your trunk ports are different. In the new config you have assigned the default vlan ID 1? Why did you change? Are there Cisco switches that you are connecting this switch to? Why use  irb instead of vlan interfaces? When you oploaded the original config, what were the errors? Seems like you may just have to manually transpose what you want.

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