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Using Junos Space App : Ethernet Design



Just wanted to check with the forum how many of you that are using, or have tried the Junos Space Application "Ethernet Design"  (a.k.a Campus Builder) ?


We would love to get your feedback on this new Junos Space App.  


The concept is to:

- Provide Juniper best practice configuration to enable variety of end hosts to connect to switch network 

 - Apply Juniper best practice configuration on a large selection of switch ports in one workflow

Compared to other management platforms for switches, it has some great upsides (IMHO Smiley Happy..

- It has a fast and intuitive interface

- It is guiding the admin (more wizard driven and less jumping around in the UI)

- It automatically synchronizes the config with the switches, so you can modify things via CLI without having to reimport.


Since it is a Space App, you can also run it in parallel with "Virtual Control" to manage your virtual switches,

or with "Service Now" that brings you Service Automation.


Thankful for your feedback!



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