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VOIP Vlan forwarding class

Hi All.
With regards to the VOIP vlan. When setting the forwarding class if you use one the four predefined ones I am assuming you still have to configure a schedule map for those (except best effort and network control). Documentation is sketchy.  

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Re: VOIP Vlan forwarding class

Actually, you need to set up firewall filter that assigns traffic to a particular queue. You can assign the firewall filter to an interface, or, I believe, to a VLAN, if I'm not mistaken.

I cannot really go into details off the top of my head, but the basic idea is: firewall filters classify switch-ingress traffic, and schedulers tell how to handle the different classes of traffic at switch-egress.
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Re: VOIP Vlan forwarding class

Hi Rich,


No - it's my understanding that setting the forwarding-class for the voip-vlan places ALL traffic that enters that VLAN into the specified forwarding class, regardless of any markings on the traffic.


You can override this however.





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