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I recently returned from the IETF standards meeting in Dublin, Ireland. Watch this video to hear about the highlights of this meeting. Then come back here and leave a question or comment so we can discuss it more.

Tawnee Kendall and I sat down and recorded this video on the future of network security. Check it out!

Tawnee Kendall and I sat down and recorded this video on Interop 2008. Check it out!

About Got the NAC

Steve Hanna
Welcome to Got the NAC, written by Juniper Networks Distinguished Engineer Steve Hanna. From his insider perspective, Steve blogs about network access control, covering the issues and trends he encounters that affect the industry as a whole.

Steve Hanna is co-chair of both the Trusted Network Connect Work Group in the Trusted Computing Group and the Network Endpoint Assessment Working Group in the Internet Engineering Task Force.

Steve is active in other networking and security standards groups, such as the Open Group and OASIS. He's also the author of several IETF RFCs and published papers, an inventor or co-inventor on 30 issued U.S. patents, and a regular speaker at industry events such as Interop and the RSA Conference.

He holds an A.B. in Computer Science from Harvard University. For more information on Steve, check out Network World’s profile (by Tim Greene)
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