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NSMXpress clusters


I've a problem. Our customers want to create a cluster with two NSMXpress-es, the first is NSMXpress I, the second is NSMXPress II.

Is it possible to make create the cluster with two different NSM-s? If somebody have any information about such clustering, please share with me, it's very important issue!!!


thanks in advance.

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Re: NSMXpress clusters

Hi Marfn,


You may need to post your query to the Security Management J-NET community forum, for the right audience who can assist you with your issues on NSM,

Below is the link for the same



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Re: NSMXpress clusters

I doubt that this is supported but if they already have the hardware then no harm in trying.

I believe that the only difference between the models is hardware, the software packages are the same, and since you can run NSM on your own hardware if you wish it shouldn't be a problem. Just obviously have the same software version on each, and you'll probibly have to reinstall so that the quick start wizard can add the neccessary to the config files.



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