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Newbie to SBR Javascripting Module

Dear all,


        In SBR documents, i can see below information:

"If you are using the Enterprise Edition (EE) of Steel-Belted Radius, there is no
JavaScript Feature Upgrade license and you cannot use any of the JavaScript


So if i buy SBR-UN(Steel-Belted Radius/Enterprise Edition for Solaris - Single Server (license key only)), then i can't buy SBR-JS-UN(SBR Javascripting Module - Solaris Single). Am i right?  Also i am not clear what is the function of Javascripting Module. Would you please talk more about it? Many thanks!



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Re: Newbie to SBR Javascripting Module

That is correct. Javascripting is not supported in the EE edition.


Javascripting lets you write your own javascripts to perform any actions that you require. This may be useful to do processing that is not built in to SBR, to access some outside data or anything else that you can think of.


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