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SBR LCI Connection Limit

I am trying to find out if the LCI has a connection limit of 1 or not. I have been unable to find any configuration setting that would indicate that it is one but from the sniffer traces and the open connections on the server, I notice that the total number of simultaneous connections is 1.


Is there a way to increase this number? SBR versions are 5.4 and 6.1




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Re: SBR LCI Connection Limit

Hello Gaurav,


There is no configurable setting to modify the amount of concurrent LCI connections that can be made however, due to the possibility of introducing corruption to the SBR database, our mutex prevents more than one change from being processed at a time.


That being said, you can initiate more than one connection to the LCI but, don't expect to see any performance gains by doing this.


I hope this helps.





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