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Cloud Security – What’s all the fuss about?

by Juniper Employee on ‎07-19-2012 02:14 AM

Ok, that’s a very flippant title I grant you, but it came to me after reading some research from Freeform Dynamics1 about the perceptions of cloud security and the impact on an enteprises’ security posture as a result of the adoption of a cloud based IT service model.


I should say right now that neither the Freeform Dynamics report nor myself are saying that security is easy or that the challenges are not real, but I do think that securing cloud services is not something that should be held up as a key inhibitor for cloud adoption, as it so often is in end user surveys.


The Freeform Dynamics1 report essentially asked the question, in relation to SaaS, ‘is security the same, better or worse in the cloud versus your previous enterprise solution?’. The answers were then categorised based on the respondants experience of real cloud (SaaS) services.























Picture2.pngSource:  Trust and security in the cloud Survey. Freeform Dynamics. 2011


Those with lots of cloud experience generally believed their security posture had improved or at least not impacted as a result of going to the cloud. Those who had little or no experience of cloud services believed, in gerneral, the exact opposite; that their security posture would be threatened by a move to the cloud.


We can speculate as to the reasons for the positive impact seen by cloud users; a result of a better service capability than in house, the use of better security technology or simply the fact that a project to adopt the cloud model causes security to be scrutinised and improved. Whatever the precisie reason is, it suggests that initiating an IT cloud project positively impacts an enterprise’s security posture in the eyes of the customer.


All of this leads me to think there is a real oportunity for service providers to accelerate the adoption of cloud services by leveraging security as a benefit; not an inhibitor. Security should be seen as a strength in a ‘clean cloud’ service offer.


A clean cloud delivers confidence.  And a clean cloud requires end to end security.  Not just in the data center, but across the entire network and onto user devices.


In these three videos myself and Andrew Buss, analyst from Freeform Dynamics, paint the bigger bigger of cloud security from a network perspective



       End to End Cloud Security                           Analyst Headlines                             Behind the Headlines


In future blogs I’ll be looking at aspects of an end to end network security architecture that delivers customer confidence to your cloud services:


You can find out more at Junipers Cloud Security web site at .


Nigel Stephenson

Head of Cloud and Managed Services Marketing, EMEA




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