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Four Strategies Telecom Operators are following to compete in the OTT Video Arena

by Juniper Employee ‎12-12-2011 02:18 PM - edited ‎12-13-2011 07:33 AM

2011 will be known as the year for Over-the-Top (OTT) TV in Europe. With the proliferation of Broadband, in almost every country one or more Video-on-demand (VoD) provider is offering paid streaming services over the Internet, modestly competing with the well established cable, satellite and IPTV platforms. But with a few exceptions aside, the adoption has been quite residual, mainly due to its limited content availability, but also due to its not-so-good user experience specifically because the lack of integration with the TV set. Due to the copyright limitations, most of the services are offered on a country basis, Although there is an exception to this as in 2011 we saw two larger streamers expand internationally, these being;


In order for OTT VoD services to be successful and reach mass-adoption during 2012, the following will need to be considered;



And, what are the challenges for the telecommunication service provider?





And if this is not enough, telecom service providers also experience:



In this landscape, it is not difficult to imagine that service providers will be looking for new strategies to compete on an even playing with this new foe, or convert it into a valuable ally, this would probably be the best strategy being the most cost effective.


From Juniper Networks I've been observing this situation and supporting service providers to identify the best solutions. I would like to list four key initiatives that the service provider communities are taking:


  1. Use the same OTT technology to offer its video content, extending the reach to multiple devices. (Lime (Cable & Wireless Subsidiary) selects Juniper for Advanced Multi-Screen TV Services)
  2. Generalise the usage-based contracts for broadband services. By limiting the monthly amount of downloadable data for the Internet, the end-user preference turns to service provider owned services. In certain markets it's not a very popular option so it will come with some additional advantages for the subscriber (price, bundles...)
  3. Implementing transparent proxy technologies to cache the OTT content in the network and optimise the video delivery. Preferred option for ISPs with no TV services but also with a lot of interest for mobile networks. (BBC launches iPhone iPlayer app in the UK, adds 3G streaming to its mobile site)
  4. Offer its own telco-content Delivery Network service to the OTTs to enhance the user experience. This opens new revenue streams and reduces the traffic.

Some of these initiatives are not necessary going to solve the problem(s), some of them will just help to reduce the amount of traffic and some of them can also impact negatively the ARPU/Churn rates.


With the growing interest on network programmability we foresee a Fifth strategy being formed… but this has been already discussed in a previous blog.


Juniper has solutions for all these initiatives listed above can be implemented with theUniversal Edge solution including QoS, service acceleration and scalability.


While you think on your action plan, I will leave you with a video with the highlights of the Multiscreen.  




by Administrator Administrator on ‎12-14-2011 11:27 AM
Hi David Just read an interesting article in tonight's metro. It stated that Microsoft says that winning in VoD is all about using "the biggest screen in the house", I agree with this as the user experience on a tablet or mobile device is not quite as good as a large HD TV. So, I guess you could add the raise in sales of Internet connected/enabled TVs will facilitate change and demand from the consumer for increased Internet services. I'll scan a copy of the article for you tomorrow.
by Juniper Employee on ‎01-09-2012 12:58 AM

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