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How to secure the cloud?

by Juniper Employee on ‎11-21-2011 01:33 PM

I had a simple question from a Juniper partner recently - where can I find out about how Juniper secures 'the cloud'?


A quick browse of our website and I found lots of great information about our security capabilities; in the data center, the mobile access and all in-between. But nothing that put it all under one roof.


So I’m pleased to say we have taken a small step to make your life a lot easier. I had a word with those who know and we have built a new cloud security area on the site.


Simply go to .


We've kept it simple using videos; we know your time is precious. But we've also added some useful deep dive materials you may want to download for further reading, or to pass on to colleagues. 


You can listen to me introducing what I call 'clean cloud' - clouds that can be trusted by the enterprise and delivered from the public domain.


I’ve also included a paper from our friends at Canalys that talks of the cloud security channel opportunity – I found it a useful insight on how cloud eco-systems may look going forward.


Click on the Data Center link and you can listen to Georgina Schaefer talking about securing the virtualised data centre - the heart of any cloud.


Please bookmark the site because we'll be adding more sections covering secure cloud access and security across the wide area - an important step to creating trust and accelerating the hybrid cloud service model adoption.


Which brings me to why I’m posting this blog. I’d like to make this site as useful as possible, so if you have ideas on the information you you’d like to see covered, please post a comment to this blog and I'll do my best to include it.


By the way, there's also a cool infographic :-)


Nigel Stephenson

Head of Cloud Services Marketing, EMEA


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