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Juniper Networks’ speakers confirmed for Cloud Net, London

by Juniper Employee ‎02-09-2012 08:47 AM - edited ‎02-10-2012 07:02 AM

In my last post I announce that Juniper Networks will be the Platinum Sponsors of Cloud Net 2012 on March 12/13/14th at Centre Point, London. I can now share some more information about the content that Juniper will be delivering.


All in all this is shaping up really nicely.


The co-host of this Layer123 event is the Open Network Foundation so there is a strong element of OpenFlow in the agenda. Juniper will be complementing and expanding on this in the form of a pre-event workshop, a keynote session and a Data Centre session within the ‘optimising the core’ section of the programme.


Pre Event Workshop March 12th


OpenFlow is a key initiative supported by Juniper but it isn’t the answer to all things in the carrier cloud. Indeed, it is not the only alternative in areas where it directly relates. In the workshop session we will look at the role of OpenFlow and how Juniper is supporting the initiative. We will then look at the broader challenges and opportunities around network orchestration and the different options available. In particular, we will discuss what can be termed ‘on box’ and ‘off box’ orchestration and the merits and applicability of each approach. You will have the opportunity to ask our experts about the relative tradeoffs of the various approaches and about the strategies and initiatives that Juniper is taking to enhance the role of the carrier network in the delivery of cloud services.


Keynote March 13th: Technology innovations for the carrier cloud; a look ahead at the emerging carrier landscape’


On the first day of the conference, Brian Levy, CTO Junos Application Software division, will look ahead at key technologies and challenges that will influence the development of the intelligent carrier cloud and review some of the strategic initiatives that Juniper Networks is supporting in order to enable carriers to establish a key position within the cloud services value chain. Brain’s session is entitled ‘Technology innovations for the carrier cloud; a look ahead at the emmerging carrier landscape’ in which he will address:


-          The application of network programmability in end to end service delivery

-          Balancing on-box and off-box orchestration

-          Security in a virtualised environment


Optimising for Performance Section March 14th: Simplicity, Agility and Security: the three tenets of the new network for the data centre


Renaud Larsen, Chief Architect for Data Centre and Cloud at Juniper Networks will continue to expand on the themes introduced above by focussing on the cloud data centre. In his presentation in the Cloud Core section he will cover the challenges, opportunities and developments affecting the deployment of the virtualised data centre and the role of the network in positively impacting application performance, reliability and data security.


I hope you will be able to join us in London. If you work for an operator please contact your Juniper account manager to enquire about complimentary delegate passes.


Nigel Stephenson

Head of Cloud and managed Services Marketing, EMEA

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