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My top 5 Tech-Free Takeaways from Telecom Cloud Services

by Juniper Employee on ‎04-30-2012 09:24 AM

Last week Juniper was Silver Sponsor at Telecom Cloud Services Summit (#telcocloud). I’m pleased to report that the event is going from strength to strength. The audience numbers were significantly higher this year and the topics broader. We have passed the days when discussions around cloud services were restricted to definitions of ‘as a Service’ models and how to virtualise the data centre. At this year’s event, now in its 3rd year, conversations were much more driven by actual experiences to date, war stories, the emerging role of the network and creative ways to deliver value-add by leveraging the telecoms provider's key asset, the infrastructure, as part of a service delivery architecture.


Here are my Top 5 Tech-Free takeaways:


Takeaway #1 Ignore the machines at your peril!


BMW’s Mark Mueller observed that they expect their automobiles to be generating a terabyte of data a day in the near future.


Takeaway #2 It’s not about the value of what you own, it’s about the value of what you deliver.


Neil Osmond spoke of how Telecom NZ delivered successful cloud services without the ability to scale the way a larger organisation might. When discussing the delivery of high value services he commented “we realised that access to capability is more important than ownership’. Wise words.


Takeaway #3 Never underestimate how cool cloud services can be :smileyhappy: 

Michael Crossey of Aepona (pronounced ee-pona) painted a picture of what is possible by leveraging open network APIs into business applications. Imagine walking into a grocery store and receiving a money-off coupon on your smart phone for the latest in-store offer. Make it a QR (Quick Response) Code and your discount is a scan away. Now that’s cool.


Takeaway #4 Don’t underestimate the challenge of organisational change.


Mark Wigington of Orange FT group spoke on the challenges in bringing an entire organisation together around a cloud strategy. ‘If you have 2000 engineers you will have 2070 different ideas on how best to do it’. His point? You need to drive hard for agreement across all stakeholders to form a clear technical and business strategy, and once established drive relentlessly to completion. Cloud is a cross-functional engagement for the telco.


Takeaway #5 Don’t believe everything a politician tells you.


OK, so not the most insightful takeaway perhaps! I recently read about how the European Justice minister’s proposal to introduce more prescriptive, cross-border data protection reforms could cut 2.3Bn Euros in bureaucracy from European firms transacting across borders. This may be true but according to Ann LaFrance of Squire Sanders and Dempsey there could be much, much greater cost added than is taken away. Take for example the implications of the right to be forgotten within the proposal. Imagine a cloud provider trying to delete every piece of customer data across all facilities, all backups and all cloud partners! It could be made law. But could it be made possible?


Were you at the event? What were your takeaways?


Nigel Stephenson

Head of Cloud and Managed Services Marketing, EMEA.

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