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Reinventing the Broadband Edge

by Juniper Employee on ‎03-23-2012 02:29 AM

If I ask anyone in Europe about the perception of their broadband service provider I would get a similar answer: “It is not as fast as I would like, but year on year I get a higher speed at a lower price”. How did we get to that situation? It is probably a combination of Moore’s law, fierce competition between service providers and the land grabbing techniques started in the early days. However, the ones that took bigger advantage of it were the Over-the-top players that found unlimited bandwidth to the subscribers at no cost. Moreover, today’s subscriber expectations about their broadband service providers are merely about connectivity; the times where the subscribers where exhibiting their ISP email address are over… and this can be a weakness when service providers are looking to raise their profile from connectivity to content and cloud services. The situation doesn’t differ too much if you compare it to my previous blog “Creating value for Service Providers with Service-Oriented Business Services” but the options to innovate are very different.


The broadband world is evolving towards a connected culture where people, devices, machines, institutions and governments are truly connected. Implications of these trends are rapid network growth and bandwidth-hungry, media rich applications and these are exerting great strain on current networks. Operators want to monetise emerging opportunities, but with justifiable economics. Operators also want to move up the value chain to overcome the risk of disintermediation and to capture the value from advanced, innovative service offerings. Current Revenue and traffic growths are completely de-coupled as Figure 1 shows.

Figure 1: Revenue and traffic de-coupled


As operators look for ways to address these challenges, they are also interested in reinventing their business model based on a transformational broadband edge solution. This demands a new network, one that offers superior economics and enables rather than constrains faster service innovation (see Figure 2)


Driversa of the broadband Edge.jpg


Figure 2: Drivers of the Broadband Edge

Residential subscriber networks and the services they can offer have evolved dramatically over the past two decades. They have gone from simple, low bit rate Internet connectivity offerings based on a legacy circuit-switched network to flexible, high-speed broadband service offerings based on packet-switched IP networks. The emergence of dynamic applications with greater appetite for bandwidth and the emergence media rich applications for greater connectedness are posing greater strain on the current networks and enables greater opportunities to offer value-added services. These network evolution forces operators evolve toward a service-oriented business model to capture value from consumer and business trends such as media rich collaboration, cloud-based enterprise services, voice/video service, and gaming services.


Carriers are rolling out rich media content services rapidly over IP networks. Quality of experience, scale and performance are all intertwined within the networks that deliver the end user experience. Higher expectations demand a new network to deliver a quality user experience and allow service providers to capture value. As carriers seek to move up the value chain to reinvent their business models by offering content and application services, network architecture and solutions need to evolve to facilitate this transition.


Juniper Networks® E Series Broadband Services Routers pioneered Juniper’s first-generation solution based on B-RAS technology to offer ATM-centric DSL access. Later, Juniper took another leap with its service-enabled multiservice capabilities within E  Series to offer triple-play services. The E  Series platform redefined B-RAS from an appliance offering to an integrated IP edge by offering a rich set of residential edge features and services. Juniper is a market leader in this space with deep knowledge based on years of know-how. Juniper’s solution is deployed across the globe and is carrying more than half of the world’s subscriber base over its infrastructure.


Now once again, Juniper is reinventing the broadband edge solution with its award-winning MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, offering multi-play and value-added service offerings with today’s required scale and performance.

Juniper’s third-generation broadband edge solution is based on Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers. It is a comprehensive, service optimized solution that is architected from the ground up with market-leading, deployment hardened technology and know-how. Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers is designed from the technology leadership, including a comprehensive solution set to allow flexible deployments. It sets the basis for game changing economics, truly implementing the Service Convergence at the edge of the network, maximising the return on network assets with incredible ROI/TCO advantages and provides the economics of scope with improved operational efficiency.


Key benefits:

  • Enables seamless service rollouts and differentiated offerings with a proven, comprehensive solution set
  • Delivers greater margin contribution, lower TCO, and greater operational efficiency
  • Offers service mash-ups, service velocity, and service agility
  • Open Service Innovation, which offers service mashups, best-in-class collaboration, service velocity, and service agility enhanced to launch the provider’s service-oriented business model innovation.

Broadband service providers want to become more relevant by adding valuable services to the subscriber beyond mere connectivity. It is not an easy task but Juniper’s Broadband Edge Solution sets the basis for it. Learn how at the “Reinventing the Broadband Edge Solution” solution brief! 


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