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The Remote Solution for Large Scale Event Sized Problems

by Graham Brown (mountainrescuer) on ‎08-16-2012 04:12 AM

This is a guest blog post. Views expressed in this post are original thoughts posted by Graham Brown, Focal Network Engineer at Imtech ICT Limited, a Juniper Networks® Elite Partner.  These views are his own and in no way do they represent the views of the company he works for.


If you think your business’ productivity may be affected by the increased pressure on transportation links during summer festivals, concerts, large scale sporting events, adverse weather conditions and road closures, then worry not there is a solution to promote secure remote working solutions for your organisation in the short and long term. The Juniper Networks MAG Series Junos® Pulse Gateways can solve your remote access issues, whilst being very easy to deploy, perfect for rapid deployment where remote access plans have not yet been clearly defined.


Previously I wrote a blog about issues caused in the UK by bad weather preventing employees getting into the office (if you haven’t already read it, you can find it here). This time employers know when the impact is due to start, how long it is expected to last for and in what locations, so employers can be tactical with their planning.


The MAG devices can support between a maximum of 250 and 40,000 concurrent SSL VPN users so these solutions are viable for all sizes of businesses. Deployments can cover desktop machines, laptops or netbooks running Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX operating systems.  Mobile devices from Apple or one of the many Android OS handsets can also take advantage of the Junos Pulse client, enabling workers to remain connected whilst mobile over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks.


The major benefit of enabling mobility for workers is that they can access all the tools and applications required for their role, via a mobile device anywhere as long as they have Internet connectivity. If someone is stuck on public transport, they have the ability to re-schedule meetings, plough through work emails or work on documents via a secure connection. With the free Wi-Fi popping up across most European cities this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the increased connectivity and allow your workforce remote secure access, which will aid productivity for your business.


In addition to allowing remote / mobile workers to remain connected to the corporate network, applications and resources; the MAG facilitate secure meetings where you can engage with suppliers, clients and conduct in-house meetings remotely. Remote support is easily achieved with Juniper’s Secure Meetings; the technician can take control of a remote machine and perform the majority of functions that they would normally have to be inside the business to perform. This could greatly help the support aspect for businesses offering remote working to their employees.


In conclusion we know that large sporting events, adverse weather conditions, festivals and road infrastructure repairs all cause a huge disruption. But you can minimise any lost productivity to your business during this time by setting up a secure remote access system that can be utilised every day and really come into its own when you need it; be that during bad weather or during large sporting events as previously mentioned. The system can be deployed with a modest licence install and ramped up for a short period by using an ‘ICE license option’[i]. There are two flavours of ICE licence (in case of emergency), one that will ramp the number of concurrent users permitted to the limit of the underlying hardware or the second option is a 25% burst of the purchased licence count. For example if you have a 1000 user licence, you would be able to burst to 1250 users for up to 8 weeks. Do you have your remote access solution implemented? Can your current system scale for additional remote users? Can you afford to lose employee productivity this summer?


If anyone has any comments or queries, or perhaps even similar deployment stories, please get in touch and share your thoughts.

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