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The growth of today’s enterprises requires network modernization tools that not only simplify and speed up business expansion, but also make it easier for employees to get their job done. But, the reality is that to-date there has been a lack of comprehensive, cutting-edge solution suites that can make this happen.


To enable digital businesses, Juniper has announced Cloud-Enabled Branch, our newest solution that allows organizations to get their new branch locations up and running anytime, anyplace.  The Cloud-Enabled Branch solution also helps businesses apply updates and security policies consistently across locations – so, a clothing retailer in Boise, Idaho has the same level of network security as the storefront in Tampa, Florida. Juniper is transforming how Enterprise customers manage service creation and delivery to the branch.


Routing Reflections @ IETF 96: A Routing AD's Perspective

by Juniper Employee ‎07-26-2016 01:37 PM - edited ‎07-26-2016 06:06 PM


This particular IETF was special since Juniper was the Host.  We are working on more engagement between the Open Source communities and the IETF.  The work on YANG models in the Routing Area continues.  OAM and telemetry were another focus.  I am pushing NVO3 towards a conclusion around the three different encapsulations (VXLAN-GPE, GENEVE, and GUE) that they've been considering.  In RTGWG, the discussion around how to handle IPv6 PA multi-homed networks (homes, small enterprises, etc) as requested in IETF 94 by v6ops continued.


SD-WAN is on fire! ...but is it enough to deliver growth?

by Juniper Employee ‎07-04-2016 11:55 PM - edited ‎07-14-2016 12:00 AM

Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been the the hot topic within network infrastructure industry for a few years now. We are now starting to see its influence not only in the data center, where SDN originated, but also within other areas such as core networks and enterprise services. Enterprise services is an area where SDN has real potential to impact services for end users.


Growth opportunities for service providers will come from selling other services (e.g. security) on top of a SD-WAN (especially to the under-served SME segment), and these should be delivered using SDN and virtual network functions. Only by offering additional services on top of SD-WAN will service providers be able to meet the customer requirements and grow their own business.


If I said that big projects have a lifecycle, I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised. It is pretty obvious that there are various phases to a big project: regardless of the terms you use, “getting ready” is certainly a different phase from “making it happen” which is different yet again from “using it”. Here at Juniper we use the terms “Plan,” “Build,” and “Operate” for the main phases. I have put together a short video that uses the Hubble Space Telescope as an example of the importance of each of those phases. Juniper Networks can provide you with Professional Services and support consultants to assist you in the planning, building, and operation of your project. 


I'm Spartacus

by Juniper Employee on ‎07-01-2016 01:09 AM

Spartacus poster.jpg

Few who have watched the film of the same name will forget the compelling scene towards the end where the group of captured slaves are asked to identify Spartacus from amongst them and one by one they memorably stand to each proclaim ’I’m Spartacus.’


Bear with me as I somewhat tenuously (for now) draw a parallel between that scene and the claims and cries of IT and Networking vendors as they all clamour to shout ‘I’m Open’


It seems as though ever since I was a young lad, vendors in the IT community have positioned themselves as “open”.  It could be argued of course that no one would ever claim they are closed and proprietary so the word open became almost the default or ‘safe harbour’ position.


This past fall, Juniper introduced a new Cloud CPE solution, an exciting new addition to our Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) portfolio. This new solution empowers service providers to simplify the service creation process, reducing the operation from months to minutes by completely automating the entire service delivery workflow.  Service providers can now introduce managed business services such as virtual CPE products, delivered on-premises or in the cloud, with a new level of speed and agility that greatly improves their value to enterprise customers.


Collaboration balanced with security - InfoSecurity Europe, 7-9 June 2016, London


In order to support multiple tenants on a physical server both virtualization and containers comes to the rescue. This blog discusses the following three different architecture models and compares the benefits and disadvantages of each of the model:

  1. Virtualization
  2. Containers
  3. Tenant aware application

What's happening on the Juniper stand (F200) at this year's Infosec Europe, 7-9 June 2016, Olympia, London.


Field trials of high density DWDM router interfaces

by Juniper Employee ‎05-27-2016 09:08 AM - edited ‎05-27-2016 02:41 PM

IMG_1395_roated_right.jpgOur customers have been carrying out field trials and deployments of our latest 100GE DWDM coherent interfaces. In this new generation, a CFP2-ACO [1] module containing the tunable coherent optics plugs into an MX MIC or a PTX PIC containing the DSP, framer/deframer and FEC encoder/decoder.


EX3400 24, 48, back.png

From combating ransomware to managing credentials to overseeing system migrations, IT teams at small and mid-market companies have a lot on their plates – and too few resources. When it comes to provisioning networks, the hardware choices can be overwhelming, especially when all switches look more or less the same.


So what makes one box better than any other?


Junos Fusion Enterprise.png

We announced Junos Fusion Enterprise last year when we launched Juniper Networks® Unite, our enterprise network solution that helps customers deploy a cloud-enabled enterprise. Junos Fusion Enterprise is a foundational element of Unite that supports its simplicity pillar; previously, I've described its unique simplification features in my Simplification Trifecta blog post.


We recently announced two new EX Series models, the EX2300, an entry-level 1GbE access switch, and the EX3400, a mid-range 1GbE access switch, that are both Junos Fusion Enterprise capable, joining the EX4300 as satellite device options.  


At a time when network complexity is driving operators to automate all aspects of networking, the push for simple no-configuration routing that is “good enough” to work in millions of homes and small businesses is driving a desire to standardize Babel in the IETF....   One idea to handle IPv6 multi-homing well is source-destination routing; that’s being discussed more in RTGWG, including a Virtual Interim (just call in) focusing on it on May 31.


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