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I’m amazed at how the cloud trend is evolving, and I’m excited that we are moving into another era of change. As the cloud is rapidly becoming an integral part of business growth, the applications that run on the cloud are also changing. In the early cloud days, porting an application was common. Now, the performance and ease-of-use demanded by users make this a no-go. It’s time for applications to become “cloud-native” – designed from the ground up to run in a cloud environment!


Lots of people today are taking advantage of services such as Uber and Lyft. Instead of owning or renting a car, users can request one quickly in almost any location, and be driven directly to their destination. Today, it’s all about getting CapEX costs down and only paying for what you need. Cloud providers, like AWS, offer a similar experience, providing infrastructure to their customers with metered billing options. Juniper Networks works hand-in-hand with AWS to apply the anytime, anywhere, and any scale mindset to network security so that AWS customers can secure their every workload in minutes - with the purchasing option of their choice.


Today, we’re enabling you to scale your business at your own pace with hourly and annual, utility-based, pricing. You can choose our products, such as the vMX and vSRX, in the way that best suits your business, and you can spin up an instance in minutes - anytime.


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