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If you think your business’ productivity may be affected by the increased pressure on transportation links during summer festivals, concerts, large scale sporting events, adverse weather conditions and road closures, then worry not there is a solution to promote secure remote working solutions for your organisation in the short and long term. The Juniper Networks MAG Series Junos® Pulse Gateways can solve your remote access issues, whilst being very easy to deploy, perfect for rapid deployment where remote access plans have not yet been clearly defined.


As an attendee at a recent conference on Software Defined Networking (SDN), it was quite telling that many of the presenters opened their discussion with their interpretation of a definition for SDN. Given some of the hype and recent industry activity (such as VMWare’s acquisition of Nicira), it is easy to forget that this is still very much a rapidly evolving area of development in the IT industry. Even some notable presenters such as Bruce Davie (VMware/Nicira) made light of this fact in describing the SDN “bubble” in that whilst everyone is talking about “it", what "it" actually is has not yet quite been agreed upon.


I suspect I am not alone as a relative newcomer in trying to figure out what the actual practical use-cases for SDN actually are (worth seeing Pradeep Sindhu’s discussion of the topic on YouTube). For me, it is identifying the application of the benefits that this new technology brings to real-world deployments that is most important to understand - Google appear to have been able to figure this out, but how does this translate for the rest of us?


A Juniper Networks EMEA Customer Case Study


In my role as a Customer Reference Manager at Juniper Networks, over and above how ‘cool’ technology is, of most importance to me are the benefits technology brings to our customers.  By actively listening to our customers we get an even deeper understanding of organisations’ goals and drivers, and see the role of technology in enabling them to meet objectives - often exceeding their original expectations.


One company I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently is TMX Atrium. TMX Atrium provides low latency connectivity to the financial services community across Europe and North America. This connectivity and access to over 300 data sources, enables their customers to deal and interact during trading hours. Secure, high-speed connectivity is at the heart of their business. Without it, they simply wouldn’t exist. If a packet is dropped across the network, then a client loses a trade and the consequences are clear; they are at risk of losing substantial amounts of money.


Mykonos Web Intrusion Deception - Protecting websites like no other

by ‎08-13-2012 04:32 AM - edited ‎08-15-2012 11:42 AM

At the recent Juniper Networks Champions Conference in Berlin, a friendly SE organised a session with the Mykonos VP and product manager. A small group of partners turned into a substantial crowd by the end of the session. When partners and Juniper's own people alike start to take an interest like that, you know there is something new and exciting on offer.


Mykonos is described as "Web Intrusion Deception" and straddles three more traditional security areas; Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Web Application Firewalling (WAF) and Network Honeypot (HoneyNet). The Mykonos approach is interesting in that rather than inspecting traffic looking for specific signatures or locking down web applications to very rigid I/O, it dynamically modifies pages so that they would appear to be a very tempting target. Mykonos works on the premise that the behaviour of a would-be intruder is different from that of a legitimate web customer. Consider these "real world" scenarios:


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