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In today’s evolving business climate, companies of all types—service providers, cloud providers, and enterprises—are building more than just a network.  In fact, the network itself is merely a means to an end—an enabler for network services and a conduit through which applications pass.  In other words, the network is a platform that drives the business.


Clouds Begin with Platforms 

Let’s extrapolate this concept out further.  I look at every element within the network as if it is a platform, too:  hardware is a platform for software; software is a platform for network functions; the network is a platform for the cloud; and the cloud is a platform for applications that are the backbone of the cloud economic model. 


Everywhere Networking

On June 20th, Juniper announced the concept or “Cloud-Grade Networking,” which builds on carrier-grade reach and reliability and enterprise-grade control and usability to bring cloud-level agility and operational scale to networks everywhere.


One of the tenets of Cloud-Grade Networking is the ability to run anywhere and everywhere—on any software, on any hardware, in any cloud. Juniper calls this requirement Everywhere Networking, and it refers specifically to the disaggregation of the networking technology stack so that applications can run in any cloud, cloud workloads can run on any device, and software can run on any hardware.


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