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‘Congestion ahead take alternative route via xxx’


For those regular commuters using the UK road network an all too familiar and depressing sign that many have become resigned to as more and more traffic fights for comparatively less and less road capacity, particularly at peak hour.  The only salvation at this time of need comes from either a good old fashioned road atlas or satellite navigation, either of which may give you the opportunity to take avoiding action based on an understanding of where you are trying to get to and the possible alternative routes on offer.


Ok so not the most enlightening start to a blog but it does serve as a good if obvious analogy for how organisations should begin to think about planning for handling Internet congestion during the period of the London Olympics (27th July – 9th September if you count the Paralympic Games).


In what looks like the boxing mismatch of the year of almost heavyweight vs lightweight proportions, in the red corner stands the lightweight incumbent; UK Network PLC whilst in the red corner stand the 3 Heavyweight challengers of Netflix, The Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Mobile Olympics.


2012 will witness the biggest traffic assault on UK network PLC in living memory from 3 major events


  • The launch of Netflix to UK audiences in early 2012
  • The Queens Diamond Jubilee in June
  • The Mobile Olympics in July / August

The big question: Will UK Network PLC cope with this assault?


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