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We came, we saw and we shared. 


If there was one abiding memory from the New Network Technical Forum of 2012 it was one of a shared experience. 


Yes we had a number of areas we wanted to share with our invited customers and partners but what I always find refreshing about events such as this is the opportunity for those customers and partners to both share their thoughts with us but also with each other and hopefully we created a platform that facilitated that to the full. 


A pre-emptive warm welcome to those over 300 invited guests both customers and partners, who will be joining us at the Juniper Networks New Network Technical Forum (#NNTF12) in Budapest next week.


This is our annual ‘tech fest’ in EMEA – a 2 day event designed specifically for the technology leaders in those customers and partners where we will cover off the latest design considerations, feature capabilities and architectural thoughts covering a wide array of our products and solutions.


If forecasting is truly an art and not a science, then I guess I am more Volta then Van Gogh.


Having sent a final communiqué out to the customers and partners who had registered for the New Network Technical Forum on the 17 October informing them that the weather was set fair for this week, I arrived in Barcelona on Monday 24 October to the heaviest day of rainfall the city had seen for many, many years...


So, having put my slightly damp toga away now, it’s time to share some reflections on this week’s event (if you are wondering what a toga has to do this all of this, please read the blog ‘The New Network Technical Forum 2011 – Architecting the network for the next decade’ and if you look hard enough, really hard enough, there are some comments in there masquerading as humour).


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