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Guest post by Adrian Ringrose, Enterprise Account Director, SecureData


The business needs access to data in order to do its job, and the challenge that security teams have is how to allow the business access that data, in a secure fashion, in increasingly diverse number of ways, across multiple geographies.


In the past, many networks have been hard on the outside and soft on the inside, but the attention paid to perimeter security has been partially successful, but at a cost. Security teams and business have been forced to wise up to the simple fact that, just because something is behind a firewall, it does not mean this is secure. We need to accept that unfortunately today everyone is a target and everyone will suffer a breach of some kind in the future.


The increased sophistication of attacks presents us with a "don't panic" moment. On one hand, it is natural to impose tighter security restrictions on the business. On the other, if these attacks are trying to stop the business functioning efficiently, then too many restrictions will do the hackers' job for them, even if the security measures successfully cut down the number of vulnerabilities.


When Juniper Networks surveyed business users at the end of 2013 Download the research here the consensus what that tightening internal rules around access to data would be the way for organisations to become more competitive. There was a strong suggestion that many IT managers and CIOs favoured a "lockdown" approach to managing the data centre, at least in the short term, and the imposition of more restrictive rules on devices.


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