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IDP 8200 - SNMP CPU Monitoring

Hi *,


we want to monitor the cpu load on our idp8200 boxes - unfortunately the snmp output is always 100 %.

The real load is only visible with the "scio idp-cpu-utilization" command.


Has anybody an idea to monitor the real cpu values on this platform?


Thanks for all answers



PS: I tried to make a script which formats the command output values to a defined format and

automatic ftp transfer to an mrtg based analyzer, but this is not real a business solution. 

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Re: IDP 8200 - SNMP CPU Monitoring

Hi MC,

yes the right command to use is  "scio idp-cpu-utilization", but unfortunately is not possible to retrieve the value via SNMP in the current version!


Ciao :smileyhappy:


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