Junos Automation (Scripting)
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What is Junos Automation?

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Automate What You Can, Do What You Must...


Junos Automation is a powerful, yet flexible onbox scripting toolset built-in Junos operating system.


Think of it as an extension of Junos...which automate and streamline your day-to-day operational and configuration tasks:


  • define and enforce best practices and rules in configuration changes
  • create and customizde your own CLI commands
  • embed predefined event handling and action logic to execute tasks in realtime


Junos Automation comes standard in all Junos platforms - routing, switching and security devices.


Not only it helps to lower the operational expense, it also increases network uptime and availability by minimizing misconfiguration due to human factors.


To learn more, visit the Junos Automation landing page in Junos Central

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Re: What is Junos Automation?

Thank you for your explanation.


I want to develop a JUNOS Script for instructing a Juniper SRX device to block a specified IP address thereby preventing it from accessing a network.


Thank you very much.

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Re: What is Junos Automation?



You mention that Junos Automation can be used for "create and customizde your own CLI commands". Do you have an exmaple that demonstrates this? For example a 'show my-command hello-world'-demo? ...where a script is "plugged into" a user-defined place in the CLI command-tree?





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Re: What is Junos Automation?

"op" scripts are operational mode commands and are executed from the JUNOS CLI using the "op" command:


op <name-of-script> [<parameter-name> <parameter-value>] ...


A simple example would be:




A not-so-simple example would be:







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