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Hello friends,

I believe the following log messages seems to be a hardware issue...any singht into it

the pic is OC48 ATM-II IQ PIC

fpc2 ATMPIC(2): chip 0 atm_wait_maker_ind q0 timeout 500
fpc2 ATMPIC(2): chip 0 atm_maker_update_counters err=29
fpc2 ATMPIC(2): chip 0 atm_maker_check_indq event 0xff status 0x88
fpc2 ATMPIC(2): disable periodic function after 2 command timeout
fpc2 ATMPIC(2): chip 0 atm_wait_maker_ind q0 timeout 500
fpc2 SCHED: Thread 15 (Periodic) ran for 1005 ms without yielding
fpc2 Scheduler Oinker
fpc2 Frame 00: sp = 0x01a16f00, pc = 0x00033e48
fpc2 Frame 01: sp = 0x01a16f18, pc = 0x0002652c
fpc2 Frame 02: sp = 0x01a16f40, pc = 0x00027718
fpc2 Frame 03: sp = 0x01a16f48, pc = 0x00032bf8
fpc2 Frame 04: sp = 0x01a16fa8, pc = 0x00027340
Juniper Employee
Juniper Employee
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It is a hardware related issue, but not necessarily means a defective FRU. When you receive messages like this, better contact JTAC to check things out.


Two parts of potential issues based on snippet you posted. ATMPIC(2) surely refers to maker chip related problem, you may request an RMA for the PIC for quick recovery. As far as stack trace, like "fpc2 Frame 00 ...", not sure if  your FPC has got reset. It might be a software issue running on FPC slot 2. JTAC engineer would have to decode the message for you depending on which JUNOS version you are running.