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Ethernet Interface Resource Errors

I need help deciphering what "resource errors" are on an ethernet interface.


When performing a "show interface ge-*/*/* extensive" I have incrementing "resource errors" under "output errors" but have been unable to identify what this error is.  I see that "resource errors" is also listed under "input errors" but these are not incrementing on my router.


If anybody has the answer, please help.



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Re: Ethernet Interface Resource Errors

I have same problem, anyone knows what that means?

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Re: Ethernet Interface Resource Errors

Hi there,



Resource errors—Sum of transmit drops.

 Basically, when a packet cannot be either put in the buffer or retrieved from the buffer (i.e. when packet is scattered across several buffers due to the pkt size and one of the buffers cannot be accessed) then this counter increments.




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