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HELP --i was doing config private and my connection dropped

Is there a way to get back my session. i logged back in with the same username and i see that my session is still there


admin@ljaco-srx-vip> configure      
warning: Clustering enabled; using private edit
warning: uncommitted changes will be discarded on exit
Entering configuration mode
Users currently editing the configuration:
  admin terminal p1 (pid 55661) on since 2011-12-19 21:43:26 UTC, idle 00:41:46
      private [edit]


is there a way to get back to my original session or get the config back that wasn't committed yet?



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Re: HELP --i was doing config private and my connection dropped




 I don't think you can recover the changes made by a lost configure private connection, at least in a human-readable way.


 configure private uses a private copy of juniper.data file instead of the shared candidate config (juniper.db) and is stored in /var/rundb/private until the user does commit. (This is one of the reasons why you can't go into configure mode while someone else is using configure private.)


 The temporary file in /var/rundb/private is stored as a binary data and not plain text, hence my doubts.


 I would recommend disconnecting the stuck session using request system logout terminal <terminal-name> and start from scratch.



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