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How to boot M5 from tftp or other method?

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Hi guys;

I have one M5 router,when I upgrade Junos software from JUNOS8.3 to JUNOS9.4, the device is cann't boot.


1. when boot from compact-flash, it prompt the following error info:

=================== Bootstrap installer starting ===================
Initialized the environment
Routing engine model is RE-2.0
Discovered that flash disk = ad0 , hard disk = ad1
ERROR: discover_install_drive: tmp/preinstall/install.conf not found
You are now in a debugging subshell (you may not see a prompt)...

sorry, I don't know how to put file install.conf under the preinstall directory in FreeBSD system.



2. when boot from harddisk, it prompt the following error info:

FreeBSD/i386 bootstrap loader, Revision 1.1
(builder@firth.juniper.net, Mon Nov 16 16:00:46 UTC 2009)
Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf
Unable to load a kernel!
can't load '/kernel'
can't load '/kernel.old'

Type '?' for a list of commands, 'help' for more detailed help.



3. Because there's no USB on M5 series router, so I cann't try to boot it by USB media. I want to boot it by ethernet network, so I setup one DHCP server and tftp server, put JUNOS software under the tftp directory.

When device booting, it can obtain IP address by DHCP ( I can see the MAC of assigned IP is the router's fxp0 interface MAC address), but cann't ping M5 from DHCP server.


My CF card is 90M space.


Who can give me some advice to resolve the issue? thanks.



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Re: How to boot M5 from tftp or other method?


90M CF card cannot possibly accept JUNOS 9.4.

Your best bet would be to find 256M PCMCIA card and flash it with install-media image, latest JUNOS which supports 90M CF would be 8.5. Then insert it into PCMCIA slot and power-cycle the box.

If this fails then physically take the RE out, remove CF, reinsert RE and try to boot from HDD.

If this fails (there is no snapshot on RE) then take the HDD out of RE, install HDD into lab router RE and make snapshot, then reinsert back HDD into original RE and insert original RE into failed M5.

If this fails, then you could try to RMA but M5 REs are long time EOL.



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