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Accepted Solution

Interface Up/Down logging



I'm new to JunOS and trying to see how i can see, or configure logs for intrface status changes.  I'd like the logs to just be local to the device at the moment (not sent to a syslog server or SNMP trap)


So whats the best way to do that type of logging to the console?

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Re: Interface Up/Down logging

I would first set updown messages to go to a specific file on the box like this:


[edit system syslog]

file interface-logs {
    any any;
    match UpDown;

Then if you want to see them on the console, you could type "monitor start interface-logs" to start seeing the messages in that file as they occur on the console.  The command "monitor stop interface-logs" would turn off the console logging for that file.  I think that would take care of it.



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Re: Interface Up/Down logging

I'd propose to use


match "<UpDown>"


This will strip off some unnecessary stuff.

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Re: Interface Up/Down logging

Thanks guys.


After some mucking around i found matching on ifOperStatus gives the best resutls.